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Hi There

My name is Jason and I offer you a warm welcome to Travel on Inspiration. If it’s your first time here I understand that the layout can be a little confusing but it’s really not so bad. So let me walk you through it.


This site is where I write and post informative articles about some of the most amazing destinations to visit around the world, whilst also writing about my own travels and life in general. I like to highlight incredible pictures, videos and quotes that inspire people to travel, and I also interview and accept guest posts from other amazing travel bloggers from around the internet. Finally I also offer advice on many different aspects of traveling such as the financial and technological sides.


I have arranged the ‘Destination’ articles in this site under their respective Continents and Countries. This allows you to easily find any articles that may have been posted about your particular country of interest. You can find the destination articles on the homepage and under the main menu.

My Travels

If you are into more personal style travel blogs then you can follow me on my journey under the ‘My Travels‘ section. Here I write about my upcoming travel plans and my life in general. Again you can find these articles on the homepage and under the main menu.


Here is where I post pictures, quotes and videos that aim to inspire more people to travel. I also interview fellow travel bloggers and accept guest posts from them, so you can see more amazing people doing what they love. You can find these inspirational posts on the homepage and also under the main menu.


Under the ‘Advice Section‘ I post articles that offer useful information on the more detailed side of traveling such as the financials, technology and what to expect. These posts are not featured on the homepage but are easily accessible under the main menu.


If you would like to know more about me then you can check out my ‘About Me‘ page or you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus and I will be very happy to follow you back.

If you have a travel blog and would like to be featured on my site I recommend checking out my ‘Guest Post‘ guidelines first and then contacting me here.

If you would like to advertise on my site or have a website, product or destination you would like me to review or write about, please see my advertising page here first and then contact me.

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