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Hello, I’m Jason. Thanks for taking an interest in learning more about me. I am a twenty something guy from Essex in the UK who loves football (both the American and the Soccer kind), foreign films (before they get the terrible Hollywood makeovers such as Oldboy and Battle Royale) and pretty much all things nerdy (computer games, web design, maths etc.) Kind of an unusual combination I know, but it works.

That’s me in the pictures below along with my girlfriend Sarah and also with my awesome fun nephew Riley.

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For the past 6 years I have been studying at a London University 1 day a week whilst also working full time the other 4 days in order to gain my Degree and Masters in Building Services and Renewable Energy Engineering. With my Masters now complete I will have a lot more time to follow another passion of mine, Traveling.

I founded this site in December 2012 to inspire not only myself but others just like you to travel, see and experience more. As well as my own travels I also write about some of the amazing destinations to visit around the world, offer travel advice and highlight some of the incredible travel bloggers that can be found around the internet.

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    1. Author

      Hey Sara,

      Thank you very much. I was actually nominated before for the Liebster Awards and have written a post about them here: It’s great to be nominated again though πŸ™‚

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  2. Scott Lunt

    I like your blog…good for travel inspiration. Just keep making plans, and keep blogging to help keep you inspired. We have a ball-and-chain (our home) that keeps us from traveling as much as we would like, but remember that exploration and new travel experiences don’t have to be exotic. While working on your long-range travel plans make sure to spend some time doing something different locally.

    1. Author
      J from Travel on Inspiration

      Thanks Scott, I have a home and mortgage as well. I am still undecided as to whether I should rent it out and try to get some recurring income during my travels or just sell it and not have the hassle of looking after a property back home.

  3. Mari Nicholson

    Just get in there and blog. If you enjoy travel your enthusiasm will carry you through and people who love travel will want to read your words – if you avoid cliches, meet interesting people, and keep on having fun while you travel.

  4. Sandra D

    Excellent site you have here! Check out mine…travelmotivation.co.uk which is a similar idea to help people get inspired and motivated to travel through my own experiences, thoughts and advice!

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Stephie and Eric from The Wandering Soles

    Hi J,

    It seems as if we have a lot in common… and reading this is so inspiring. Good for you for taking charge of your life and turning your dream into reality. It seems as if there are an awful lot more bloggers who are already travelling rather than saving and preparing for their trip, so it is nice to see someone in a similar phase as we are.

    We are also struggling with the 9-5 routine (Stephie more so than Eric right now), and we too began our blog mainly as a source of motivation between now and when we leave. It will be a long year of waiting and saving money, but it will be worth it!

    We can’t wait to go to the Philippines either; we have seen many incredible photos of beaches and islands there.

    Your blog, by the way, is fantastic. We love the clean, concise flow to it and the well-organized access to social media outlets. You’re clearly much more capable than us on that front! If you are interested, we’d like to add you to our Liebster Blogging Award nominations. Just take a look at our latest post for the details. Keep up the great work and stay inspired!

    Looking forward to keeping up with your journey. Cheers!

    1. Author
      J from Travel on Inspiration

      Hi Stephie and Eric,

      Thanks for your very kind words about my blog, I really should be spending a little bit more of my time on it. Your blog is amazing as well, good luck with graduation and your travels after that.

      Thank you for the Liebster Award nomination, I have been seeing this term flying around the blog-o-sphere but wasn’t really sure what it meant. I have read through your post about it so I now have a pretty good idea. Thanks alot, I will post up my Liebster facts and nominations soon.

  6. Di

    Hi, J! I got inspired to travel the moment I saw my first Globe Trekker episode on tv. And I never stopped since. Right now, I’m on a mission to see all the islands in my country. So, if ever you’re in the Philippines, send me a message! πŸ™‚

  7. Kimberley

    Hi J!
    Well aren’t you in for an amazing adventure, your life will never be the same again. Brilliant blog, I didn’t start writing about my travels until 4 years in, so its great to see your blog up and ready to go! I can’t wait to see where in the world those feet take you, I’ll keep posted πŸ™‚

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  9. FromATravellersDesk (@FromATraveller)

    Hi J,
    Wow, I admire your determination to do what you really want in life ~ Your dream to travel around the world. I am sure you can do it. How I wish I am able to do that when I was your age.

    I have toured three of the countries you have listed. They are equally beautiful. Unique in their own way.

    The Philippines

    You may communicate with me anytime you want information that you cannot find in travel guides. Visit my blog from time to time.

    Happy Holidays!


    1. Author
      J from Travel on Inspiration

      Hi Freddie,

      Thanks for the comment. Thats the whole reason for this blog, to help keep me inspired until the time comes that I can finally achieve my dream.

      I can’t wait to visit Japan, the culture shock will be incredible. Whereabouts in Japan did you visit?

      Happy New Year


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