The Essential Checklist For The Perfect Camping Trip

Camping is an incredibly fun way to get a little bit more out of your travels. However, it’s easy for a camping trip to go badly if you’re not prepared. So, here are three things you need to think about for the perfect camping trip:


Naturally, how on earth are you going to camp without a tent?! Your choice of tent is very important, as the wrong one can ruin your trip. There are loads of people that go camping and hate the whole experience because their tent leaked or they couldn’t pitch it properly or take it down.

Bearing that in mind there are a few things to look for in the perfect camping tent. Thing number one if waterproofness. You need your tent to be exceptionally waterproof and stand up to more than a bit of light drizzle. Ideally, you should be inside your tent while it’s pouring with rain and not feel any droplets leaking through.

Thing number two is spaciousness. No tent is going to feel as spacious as a bedroom, but you should still have enough space to feel comfortable. If you’re camping alone, then you want a tent big enough for one person to comfortably sleep in. Tent sizes tend to be a bit of a lie. If it claims to be a one-man tent, then the chances are it will be designed to fit one very small man. If it says two-man, then you’ll be lucky to fit two people in there and not feel cramped. Remember, you need space for all of your bags and stuff too. So, always go one size up from what you need – if you’re camping alone, get a two-man tent, and so on.

Thing number three is how easy the tent is to set up, pack away, and carry around with you. When you’re camping, you may be moving from site to site every day, or at least moving to a different place on the same site. Tents need to be put up quickly in case the wet weather hits, so you want something that can be put up without needing a degree in engineering. Similarly, it should be just as easy to pack away. Also, how will you carry it around? Does it pack away neatly into a bag you can pick up? This is essential as you’ll struggle to carry a tent if it doesn’t come with its own carry bag.

Camping Clothes

You’ve got to make sure you have a full array of camping clothes when you’re traveling and spending every night in a tent. These clothes have to ensure you’re ready for all the difficult conditions you may face when camping.

For example, you need some proper boots that are designed for wet, rough, and muddy terrains. The last thing you want is to keep slipping and sliding everywhere when you’re trying to put up a tent. Likewise, you need some proper pants and tops that are insulating, which helps keep you warm if you’re camping in cold conditions.

You’ll need your normal selection of clothes that you’d bring wherever you’re going. The difference is, you’re bringing ones that are specifically designed for camping. Shop on sites like Sierra Trading Post to find proper camping clothes that you can buy. You could probably look for Sierra Trading Post coupons online to get some money off as well. If you buy clothes that are made for camping, your whole camping experience will be far more comfortable. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can wear any old trainers or tops or coats – this is a recipe for disaster.


Finally, you have to give consideration to the location of your camping trip. Camping is just another form or traveling, and an excuse to explore new places all over the world. Just like any other trip you need to have a good location to have a good time. Camping out in your garden is never going to be as fun as camping out in some beautiful site in a country halfway around the world.

The best advice is to do some research and look for the best places to go camping in the world. This will help you find out where to go for a good time. Another idea is to pick a country you’re keen to visit and travel around it while camping. Most countries have campsites so you can travel from site to site while seeing so much of a new country.

With all three of these things in mind, you’re ready for the best camping trip ever!

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