10 Best Attractions in Singapore

Travelling to Singapore can be a really life-changing experience. Many people love going to Singapore because of the many attractions that can turn your opinions on life upside down. There are many visa types in Singapore that you can take advantage to get there safely and legally. Make sure you get everything set and read below for the 10 places you must visit when visiting this country.

10 Best Attractions in Singapore

The Singapore Flyer

Ever seen a Ferris wheel? Take whatever image you have conjured in your mind and then make it bigger. Make it as high as 165 meters. Don’t get dizzy yet. This ride is the best when it is nearly time for sunset. If you want to relax after a night of shopping in many of the country’s malls, this is the place to be. The skyline is a beauty to behold.


This theme park can be very versatile. It has beaches, theme parks, shops, and dining areas all for your pleasure. This reclaimed land can be reached by cable car or by train. Even the experience of getting there sounds fun, and the sandy beaches here at Sentosa are to die for.

The Marina Bay

If you want to see the epitome of advancement in economy, technology, culture, and unity, you should visit Marina Bay. The tourist attraction is a very amazing place to behold at night. The LED lit buildings are breathtaking and visiting this place can be reason enough to fly to Singapore.

Universal Studios

Universal studios is always a wonder. You can see Shrek themed rides, toy story, and many more beloved characters. Both adults and kids can enjoy the rides, events, and special performances held here. If you aren’t familiar with universal studios, try to watch some movies. They have made a ton.

Clarke Quay

This place by the river has countless places to ea. It has gorgeous colours, a great picture-perfect scenery, and countless bars to choose from. Visit this place at night and you’re sure to have a visual and gastronomical splendour.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

This garden remains one of the heritage sites of UNESCO for the diversity of flora. No one expected that this kind of garden could survive in the middle of a bustling city. In addition, you can’t pass up the chance to see different kinds of plants on your way to the great orchids display. It may have a certain entrance cost, but what is a little cost to explore the whole place?

Flower Dome

This is another one of the places to see flowers and other flora. It has a great number of flowers that is sure to put you on a flower frenzy. You can see romantic flowers, joyous flowers, and flowers that simply light up the moment.

Gardens by the Bay

This 101 hectare garden is very well maintained; thanks to the obvious alertness and effort to make the place as clean as possible. This place can be great for a morning jog or an evening stroll. You can bring your kids along to have them appreciate the beauty of nature when combined with man’s effort.

Singapore Zoo

If you’re looking for fierceness, then look no further. There are shows that can bring you closer to all the animals in this zoo more than any other in the world. It also has a mini water park for kids and adults to enjoy and it offers a whole day of walking, so be prepared.

Night Safari

If you’re tired of seeing animals in broad daylight, experience seeing them up close during the night. This is in fact, the most popular tourist attraction in Singapore. The night offers refuge to many daytime animals and provides a great time for nocturnal animals to go out and play.

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