15 Best Surf Spots of the United States

The wind that brushes through the hair, salted water splashing on your face,getting up on the surfboard, and at the verge of the endless expanse of the ocean. An American Dream is never complete without a visit to the beach.

From the east coast to west coast, the god of the sea has given the United States some of the world’s best beach line. Many of the long-stretched beaches around the country are the perfect place to relax, get tanned, and of course, surf.

Surfing is becoming more and more popular activity throughout the years, together with this, the number of surf spots in the country has also grown. In this article, we share to you our list of top 15 best surf spots of the United States.

15 Best Surf Spots of the United States

1. Cocoa Beach, Florida

One of the most popular surfing spots, Cocoa Beach is a little town in Florida with smooth waves perfect for beginners and pros alike. It has perfect weather that never really drops to below 50°F or goes above 90°F—while the water temperature is always nice and warmanytime of the year.

2. Santa Cruz, California

Known as the “Surf City,” Santa Cruz, California is a surfing hub that is ideal for all skill levels. Those who are only starting to learn, Pleasure Point is the best spot, while the intermediate, on the other hand,catch waves at Cowell’s Beach. Possibly the most famous place is Steamer Lane, which offers top notch waves to the professionals.

3. Malibu, California

These small, flawlessly shaped crests where Miki Dora and Johnny Fain surfed in the 1950s are another good place to grab to surf. Unfortunately, this is only a good place if you don’t mind sharing waves with many other surfers.

4. Yakutat, Alaska

Yep, you read it right, Alaska!Make sure to bring your thickest wetsuit and enjoy the Yakutat swells. Not only that you will enjoy playing with waves here, but also you will enjoy the sights of Mt. Elias as you catch the high waves.

5. Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

Don’t get intimidated by the name, this much-admired town of North Carolina Outer Banks is a surfer’s paradise, with relaxing, slow-paced lifestyle and quality swells. Summer offers East Coast with waves on top of 100-mile barrier island beach.

6. Buxton, North Carolina

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse in Buxton, North Carolina has become a popular surf spot since the 1970s.The waves in the area, however, are normally caused by hurricanes, which have led to several shipwrecks throughout the years, which is why it was nicknamed as “The Atlantic Graveyard.”

7. Maui, Hawaii

Another reason to book a flight to Hawaii is the surf scene. Jaws in Maui is where you will find the most iconic giant wave reef break on the island, gotten its name from the fierceness of its legendary breakers. Be careful, though, as waves here would be more reccommended for professional surfers. The waves can get as highas 27 meters duringwinter when strong winds generate the monster swells which the place is famous for.

8. Oahu, Hawaii

Pipeline in Oahu is what you wouldn’t want to miss. The waves here are also only for the pros, but anyone would always enjoy check the place out. This is known for having some of the heaviest swells in the world, measuring over six meters on a shallow base of razor-blade table reef.

9. Ruggles, Rhode Island

Don’t underestimate Rhode Island for being the smallest state in the country as it makes up for being one of the best places to surf. You can visit Ruggles anytime of the year and wouldn’t be disappointed. Hurricane seasonis when the big waves come and also when surf enthusiasts enjoy the most.

10. Newport, Rhode Island

Another good spot in Rhode Island – which is undeniably a better spot to surf in all New England – is Newport. Just like in Ruggles, big waves are expected here by surfers all year round.

11. Ocean City, Maryland

This is another underrated surf spot in the US, but also something you should consider visiting.The coastline in Maryland is exposed to compound swell angles, so you can expect to catch perfect waves to ride on.

12. Buxton, North Carolina

This magical place offersmore than 100 miles of ocean-flounced, fluctuating sand dunes and sand bars creating hollow beach break tubs that will concurrently humble and thrill even the most professional surfer.

13. Volusia County, Florida

A famous surf spot in Florida, this is a usual jetty formation that has trapped abundant amounts of sand along the bottom throughout the years. Due to this exceptional setup, incoming waves are broken up because of the contoured bottommost and break in several peaks throughout thebeach, creating super fun high-performance crests.

14. Montauk, New York

One may think that Long Island and surfing don’t go well together. Nope! Montauk will surprise you. It offers astonishing swells that come from different directions. Spending your time here is probably one of agreat way to take a break fromthe commotions of the city.

15. Belmar, New Jersey

Not too far from New York, New Jersey also offers a great spot for those who are interested to surf.Belmar, found in the Garden State is rapidlydeclaring itself as the well-known surf of the Northeast. The best time to catch the waves here is during the winter season.

You see, the United States is not only the Land of the Free but also theland of some of the great surf spots in the world. So, if you love surfing, make sure to visit these places and catch some waves.

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