Trespass Hike 60L Silver Rucksack Review

Overall Score5
  • Style
  • Capacity
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Value
  • The plain style may not to be everyone's liking but for only £29.99 this rucksack more than meets the mark in terms of capacity, comfort, durability and of course price.

I was recently provided with a new backpack for my travelling adventures, the Trespass Hike 60L.

So naturally, after trying it out on a few trips, I decided to write a review to let you all know how it holds up in all the important areas that matter when choosing a new backpack.

So if you’re in the market for a new backpack or are thinking about buying your first one to go on your own adventures, then read on and see if this is the one for you.

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The style of this bag is excellent if you’re looking for that classical combination of silver and black with a minimalistic approach. The logos are placed at the top, bottom and side of the backpack, but are subtly positioned and do not distract from the colour scheme. This bag is not an attention seeking item, it’s a real old school backpack.

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Now if you’re looking for a exceptionally stylish backpack then this is not for you, as in some people’s eyes this would be quite boring, but for me it’s perfect for a more low-key traveller.

Capacity and Compartments

As it says in the title, this backpack has a capacity of 60 litres which is more than enough for anyone looking to travel for a decent amount of time or for the shorter trips where you have to take a large amount of items with you.

The huge capacity obviously makes it a great choice for those of you that like to pack extra or just can’t decide what to take travelling so you just want to take as much as you can.

The only negative to having a 60 Litre pack is that you will struggle to take it onto most airlines as hand luggage, but if you manage to squash it down enough you may just get lucky.

When it comes to compartments the backpack is pretty good as the main compartment is accessible through the top loader, with extra zips to the middle and bottom. While I do prefer a rucksack that can open up fully, I didn’t really struggle to find any item no matter where it was placed in the bag.

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There is another zip secured area underneath which holds a rain cover for the bag, a side compartment and a small pouch that I use for the important items I need to keep safe such as passport and money.

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I’ve used this over a few trips now and I can’t fault the comfort of this pack in any way really, the padded straps are fully adjustable which lets anyone use the rucksack without worrying about it being too loose or too tight.

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The thing that any good backpack should have though is a strong rigid back that gives it the support needed when it’s full to bursting and the Hike definitely ticks this box.


I’ve only been able to test this area out as much as I could over my recent trips but so far it’s holding up excellently, nothing has torn or ripped, no zips have broken, the colours haven’t faded and the straps are still as strong as when I first got it. You can feel how strong it is simply by holding it in your hands so I have no doubt it will last for a very long time.

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Value for Money

It may seem like I’ve been overly complimentary but when it holds up in all my main areas then there is no need to try to bring it down simply to seem unbiased.

The rucksack is usually sold for £99.99 on the Trespass website but right now it is available for only £29.99, making this rucksack an absolute steal. Even at £99.99 this rucksack would be a great buy but for only £29.99 you really couldn’t ask for more. I would personally recommend this as a brilliant backpack for anyone looking to travel for either a short or long amount of time.

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We recently used the backpack on a weekend away to an amazing villa in the countryside. Check out a video Sarah put together of the occasion below and please subscribe to her Youtube channel, The Family Home Project, for more.