The Best 5 Star Holiday Destinations for March 2017

The grim, wet weather of Spring is enough to set anyone daydreaming about escaping to paradise and leaving it all behind for a week or two. We all feel the need to treat ourselves to a little pampering at this time of year, and with good reason. Well, luxury holidays certainly don’t need to wait until the summer – in fact, these locations, recommended by Destination2 – are at the peak of their beauty in the month of March!

The Best 5 Star Holiday Destinations for March 2017


From the exotic island of Phuket, where lush nature meets thriving nightlife, to the seriously stylish Hua-Hin, originally a luxury retreat of Thailand’s royalty, Thailand is one of the most beautiful jewels of Southeast Asia.

Visiting in March means you can slip in towards the end of the dry season and before the period of heavy rainfall begins in May. Don’t forget to sample the fresh and flavourful cuisine as you explore the delights of this fascinating land and drink in the unique and astonishing culture.

Sri Lanka

The weather in this glorious little Indian nation is constantly excellent due to its proximity to the equator, but we particularly recommend a visit in March if you’re headed to the west or south coasts, while the east is at its best a little later in the year.

Choose Sri Lanka if you like a combination of relaxation and adventure, as beyond the white beaches you can explore ancient ruins, envelop yourself in the bustle of city life, or take a trek or train-ride through the breathtaking landscape.


Known as a trusted beach-holiday destination for generations, the third largest island in the Caribbean sea is still full of treats and surprises! Leave the beach behind to explore the glorious verdant mountains if it’s adventure you’re after, dance the night away at a beachside bar or a lively Kingston club, or stretch out and enjoy the blissful heat and superb food if you’re here purely for pampering.

The climate is wonderful all the year round, but avoid the more extreme weather and wetter seasons by visiting Jamaica around March.


Synonymous with style and opulence, Dubai is a feast for all the senses! Glistening skyscrapers, endless high-end shopping experiences and sumptuous cuisine crown this member of the United Arab Elements the ultimate urban escape.

Like Sri Lanka, you can’t really go wrong with the weather here, but the heat in springtime is far more forgiving, meaning you can fit a great deal more into your day without the need to hide indoors from the fiercer of the sun’s rays!


Boasting year-round tropical heat, there really is no bad time to visit Mexico, though a holiday in March means that you’ll hit the dry season when temperatures sit comfortably in the mid-twenties.

A colourful and welcoming country with an astonishing patchwork of history and some of the most excellent cuisine known to man, Mexico will always be a hugely popular destination for long-haul travellers who fancy a little pampering and a great deal of adventure!