You’ll Go Gaga Over Ghana

Ghana might not be one of the places on your travel wishlist. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There aren’t that many people who would ever consider it a dream vacation but actually, there’s a lot to love about this African location.

From the beautiful rainforests to the golden sands and incredible culture once you truly explore this country, you may never want to leave. Here is a guide on some of the places you must checkout if you take a trip to Ghana this year.

Canoe Down A Jungle River

There aren’t many other places where you can do this but you can in Ghana. Once you get there, you’ll be able to explore an incredible rainforest. Running in the middle of the jungle is a massive river that winds it’s way through miles of the country. If you head to one of the local towns you’ll be able to hire a canoe and maybe a guide. Then, you’ll be free to travel the rivers around Ghana. Watch out though, lurking beneath the surface there’s sure to be crocodiles and snakes. You don’t want to fall in this water that’s for sure. Luckily, the water is calm and smooth rowing is easy. You’ll be able to enjoy a gentle ride, enjoying views on both sides.

Explore The Other Side

If you’re interested in the dark arts, Ghana is the place to be. There’s actually a whole tour in Kumasi. There you’ll be able to visit shrines, talk with priests and get a deep insight into the origins of this magic as well as what it means to the country today. Who knows, you might even get taught some spells! At the very least, you’ll bear witness to a mystical dance that might hold more magic than meets the eye.

High Above The Trees

If you love wildlife and you’ve already started to compare cheap flights to Ghana, you’ll definitely want to explore the Kakum national park. Here, you’ll see a wide array of plants  and creatures, all in their natural habitats. You can explore at ground level but the main attraction is certainly the hanging walkaway. Hundreds of metres above the air, you’ll be able to look down at the jungle as you climb as high as the local birds. It’s an incredible, thrilling experience that you don’t want to miss out on.

After that, you can head over and visit the local monkey sanctuary. There you’ll be able to play with these mischievous animals, getting up close to them like you never have before.


Or, if you love urban life, you might want to think about visiting Accra. This is the country’s capital and it’s tremendously popular for good reason. There’s lots of places to shop, dine and enjoy the culture of Ghana. It’s here where you’ll also find some of the world’s biggest designer stores and outlets. A must visit for anyone interested in fashion and style would be Independence Square. Start off there and work your way around the city. You won’t be disappointed.

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