Plan the Perfect Trans-Siberian Railway Journey

Good fences, it is said, make good neighbours. And, good planning makes for a most excellent trip. Being prepared and making sure your trip is well-researched will invariably result in you (and your travelling companions, if you have them) seeing all the necessary sights, highlights, and keeping to a reasonable schedule.

Plan the Perfect Trans-Siberian Railway Journey

When choosing a trip as epic as one riding the rails on the Trans-Siberian, you should rely on the experts and lean on them for their many clients. If you’re looking for well thought out Trans-Siberian holidays, you might want to consider The Trans-Siberian Travel Company. Discuss your preferences with them so they can help you plan your trip.

Whatever time you choose to take the Trans-Siberian rail, you will be embarking on the adventure of a lifetime. There’s a reason this is a journey most often on people’s “bucket lists.” While riding the train, you’ll travel through many different landscapes and even temperatures – and several time zones! Route zones vary, and depend if you’re travelling east to west or the other way around, or, how many destinations you opt to disembark (for minutes or a couple of days).

The determination of what is the best time to travel depends on what you’re hoping to see and experience. If you choose the middle of summer, in July, you may have the opportunity to visit Mongolia when the Naadam festival is going on—if you go, you’ll experience the Mongolian steppes culture. Some the activities you can watch include archery, horse riding, and wrestling.

If the landscape’s changing tones, as seen from the window of your train sounds like your cup of tea, consider the fall as the time to make your trip. During October and November, you’ll experience lovely weather, which will move into cold weather when you get to Siberia and Mongolia. However, the “cold” you’ll experience in autumn won’t be anywhere near below 30-degree temps in the throes of winter.

The highly recommended fall season is considered September through November. The weather will be consistently comfortable – be sure you bring enough to layer over your clothing when you get towards the colder climes.

Summer, while a time when most families can travel, is often considered too hot to truly enjoy the sights and activities available.

Packing for a train trip is not the same as packing for a road trip/car adventure or a bus journey. It’s not the same as travelling by plane, either. And, it’s not the same as packing for a cruise, even though, like a cruise ship, you’ll be using your room (if you have an actual cabin) as a base as you journey across the continent. Check some great resources online for more tips on what you should be packing for your trip.

Here’s a list of must-brings:

  1. The kind of luggage you take is extremely important. You need to be able to fit your luggage in the storage rack. You need to be able to easily manoeuvre your luggage at train stations, embarking and disembarking on and off the train, and manipulating the bags between cars.
  2. It’s important to bring a lightweight backpack which you can use as a daypack during excursions off the train.
  3. A cable lock, necessary if you’re sharing a room or space with strangers.
  4. Expandable tote to put carry purchases.
  5. An easily foldable throw/wrap.
  6. Capability for your smartphone to work – where there are cell towers at your destinations.
  7. Small bag, cross body, perhaps to hold jewellery, electronics, passports, and railway passes/train tickets.
  8. A converter to charge your electronics
  9. A compact, foldable rain poncho
  10. Choose a set of clothes in black or navy, which you can use interchangeably and layer, depending on the weather.

With all the tips discussed above, your Trans-Siberian holiday will surely be an epic trip.