Making the Most of your Trip to London

London is one of the most historic and amazing cities in the world and is a must for any traveller to chalk off their list.

On almost every corner in England’s capital, there are alluring sights and points of interest for tourists to get lost in – many of which tell the story of London’s past, as well as celebrating the present and looking to the future.

If you are a first-time traveller to London then you will undoubtedly be wondering where to start, and how much can you fit in? Will you be staying for the weekend? Or are you planning a week-long break? Either way, there is plenty to keep you occupied. Just be sure to bring a raincoat, the weather in England is famously bad so do your homework and read some of the reviews from The Gear Hunt to find the best raincoat for you.

Making the Most of your Trip to London - Thames

Touring London

One of the best ways to take in all the sights of London is by getting yourself on a tour which will take you around the city’s breath-taking attractions such as Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace and more.

Most tour guides will provide the backstory to all of the landmarks, bringing London’s history to life. More often than not, multiple languages are available in case English is not your first language and you don’t want anything lost in translation.

After visiting all of the major sights, you may want to scratch beneath London’s surface and get a feel for the city’s darker past – for this, there are few better tourist attractions than the Tower of London, Jack the Ripper Tour and the London Dungeon. Here you will tap into bygone times that continue to leave their mark on ‘The Old Smoke’.

Get the Best View

If you truly want to get the best view possible, the London Eye is a must. A favourite amongst both domestic and international tourists, the London Eye presents you with an amazing view of London’s landscape.

Making the Most of your Trip to London - London Eye

To get the most out of the London Eye purchase a day and night ticket for two 30-minute rotations – one during the day where you can pick out sights from miles away and another so as you can be dazzled by London at night.

As an extra piece of trivia, the London Eye has 32 capsules in total – one for each London Borough – although they are numbered 1-33 as there is no pod numbered 13 for superstitious reasons.


When planning a shopping spree in London the first place that immediately springs to mind is Oxford Street. Home to over 300 shops, Oxford Street is one of the heartbeats of London and is connected to other retail havens such as Regent Street, which is home to world famous toy store Hamley’s.

If you plan on shopping somewhere a little more upmarket then you will be sure to want to head over to Knightsbridge. Here you will find Harrods, famed for its luxurious and exclusive collections, as well as the flagship store for department stores Harvey Nichols, which was first opened in the 1880s. For those of you that love a bargain, why not stay the night and shop the next day too, just make sure you redeem a Travelodge UK voucher from Dealslands UK.

For anyone that prefers an alternative lifestyle, a trip to Camden Market is a must. Here you can find numerous shops stocking punk rock and gothic clothing, as well as incredible unique accessories, jewellery and vintage collections.

Going Underground

There is no need to worry about travel arrangements around London as the city’s underground system is one of the finest in the world. London Underground maps are available online, as well as from all tube stations, detailing where each stop is and which line to get on – all day travel cards are available to purchase for a nominal fee.

Making the Most of your Trip to London - Underground

A regular night tube service was introduced towards the end of 2016 at weekend, making it easier to travel back after a late night out in London. There are tube stations in the majority of London areas, particularly in central London where they appear on most streets.

London offers so many attractions to take in and, often with so little time, the English capital can be a daunting location – particularly for first-time tourists – but with careful planning, it is easy to get the most out of your trip to London.