Heading East: The Cities You Must See

Holidays are one of those things that many of us can spend time meticulously planning. They are important to us, after all. It could be the only time you get to take a break from your daily schedule and spend time with the people that matter the most, your family.

Going on holiday certainly gives you opportunities to make the memories that will last a lifetime. But we can all be a little lost on inspiration when it comes to choosing a destination. So I thought I would take you on a literary journey East, starting with the furthest destination you may want to visit and slowly traveling back on ourselves.

Who knows? It could provide you with just the inspiration you need for your next trip away.


Heading to New Zealand may be the furthest you would ever consider traveling so it would have to be worth it, right? Auckland is a major city between two harbours in the North of the North Island of New Zealand. It certainly has much to offer with its picturesque green scenery.

However, one thing to consider when taking a trip to New Zealand would be to visit the sets where the famous Lord Of The Rings films were shot. Dotted around the north and the south islands you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity.


Not only is Melbourne known as the world’s most livable city, but it is also famous for it’s coffee. There is a real difference in coffee culture. It has an air of sophistication and making a point of rich layers of flavour. A culture should be about an escape, and that it is when you are presented with coffee in Melbourne. It’s an experience. Just like eating in a restaurant is or trying a new food. Which is why it’s so important to make you aware of just how good it is.

But Melbourne has much more to offer than just good coffee. Heading into the suburbs, you would be reminded of Brighton in England, thanks to the picturesque Bright Beach Boxes. Also, there is the Australian Open that is held there, if you happen to be a tennis fan.


Perhaps you want an Asian destination with a difference. Then look no further than Bali. Offering Luxurious accommodation to suit most budgets Bali is a fabulous destination to consider.

With beautiful white sandy beaches as far as the eye can see it is a great location to relax and unwind. It is fast becoming a popular destination so make sure you get there to witness the beauty.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an up and coming cosmopolitan city and not one to be missed from this Eastern adventure. With easy access from Hong Kong airport to city, you could be enjoying what is on offer in no time at all.

From The Peak offering you breathtaking views of the skyscraper city to enjoying the delights of Disneyland, there is something to offer for everyone in this coastal city.


Finally, why not consider the bustling city of Dubai. This destination has the best of both worlds. Fantastic weather accompanied by white sandy beaches and a vibrant city life there isn’t much you can’t love about it.

There are some iconic places to stay and sights to see. It’s possible to fill your time with lots of great attractions. What it is well-known for though is the shopping. There is a great selection of luxury shops and designers in the expansive malls.

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