2017’s 7 Best Honeymoon Destinations

A honeymoon is the most magical and romantic time in newlywed’s lives. That is why every couple wants to spend it in an unusual and memorable way. If the wedding day was filled with overwhelming emotions, excitement, and hustle, the honeymoon should bring maximum pleasure and comfort.

Therefore, you should plan your honeymoon in advance, choosing a place which will perfectly suit both you and your significant other. In case you’re struggling to make the right decision, why not consider the following list of 2017’s 7 best honeymoon destinations.

The Seychelles

The Seychelles is a significant group of islands often called ‘Pearls of the Indian Ocean”. This is a truly unique place famous for its breathtaking views, powder soft beaches, turquoise blue water, and tranquil aura. Aside from private beaches and unspoiled shorelines, you will also get a chance to enjoy a variety of exquisite resorts and fun activities.

With over 113 beautiful islands and famous destinations such as famed Anse Intendance beach as well as Marine National Park, the Seychelles has all the key components to fulfill the need for an incredibly intimate and paradise-like honeymoon.

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Costa Rica

As a destination with multiple attractions, beautiful scenery, tropical climate and exotic character, Costa Rica is an ideal location for an unforgettable honeymoon getaway. Newlyweds can go hiking through dense and beautiful rainforests exploring their vibrant plants and exotic animals.

If you are looking for something daring, try zip-lining Hacienda Baru or bungee jumping in San Jose. Bring more romance to your stay by visiting numerous coastline restaurants, which offer not only romantic settings but also spectacular ocean views.

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Whether you are young newlyweds or an elderly couple, who have found each other on a dating site for seniors, this destination will never leave you indifferent.

Bali paints a romantic picture with its tropical shores, lush green fields, towering volcanoes, and dense jungles. Experience more by sailing away to remote Crystal Bay on Penida Island or discovering new paths up an active volcano in Kintamani.

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The Maldives

Aside from its turquoise waters, pristine coral reefs and powder white sand beaches, the Maldives offers a variety of opportunities for newlyweds. Honeymooners can try snorkeling, which is a great chance to enjoy the beautiful views of the coral reefs and rich marine life.

If this doesn’t allure you enough, then add some adrenaline to your romantic day by exploring the depth of the ocean in a breathtaking submarine ride. Your stay won’t be complete without visiting the glowing beach of the Vaadhoo Island. A stroll along the sea of stars is one of the best things to add to your lifetime memories.

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Situated across a group of small islands separated by numerous canals and linked by arched bridges, Venice happens to be just about the most romantic and enchanting honeymoon destination.  The city boasts elegant piazzas, sun-filled market squares, and glittering waterways. Besides, there are a lot of places in Venice where you can enjoy some quiet time with your significant other.

Although it might sound rather clichéd, honeymooners should definitely go on a gondola ride through the tranquil canals. Seize the moment and share an unforgettable kiss, while the gondolier sings one of the utterly romantic Venetian ballads.

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Florence is a small but very beautiful city in Tuscany situated on the Amo River. The town is overflowing with striking architecture, magnificent gardens, plenty of theaters and art galleries.

Honeymooners will be offered not only a romantic setting but also superb Tuscan cuisine and excellent quality wines. Don’t miss out on the chance to get lost in the streets of this elegant Renaissance capital of Italy.

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Santorini is a perfect honeymoon destination for those who look for a romantic retreat of a lifetime. The island is mostly renowned for its volcanic caldera, colorful beaches and brilliant turquoise water.

Santorini welcomes its visitors, offering luxurious Mediterranean life featuring world first class resorts, refined cuisine, and panoramic views. Discovering this mini-paradise is one of the best things to do on your honeymoon.

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All of these destinations are quite popular among honeymooners, and each of them is unique and remarkable. However, when making your choice, try to rely not only on the other people reviews but also on your own preferences.

Good luck!

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