The 3 Main Advantages to Private Jet Charter

Travelling by private jet is the absolute pinnacle of style and luxury. You can treat yourself when holiday time rolls around or arrive at that important business meeting in another country or continent as quickly and comfortably as possible. There are a huge range of benefits when you choose to travel by private jet compared to a commercial airline. So read on to find out just how much more you can enjoy flying if you decide to charter your very own aircraft.



The main benefit of a private jet charter is for the time it saves. This advantage will be especially important for business travellers, as we all know that time is money, so the less time spent getting to your destination the better.

The way private jets save time is firstly because of their size which allows them to fly out of pretty much any place with a runway. There is no need to head to the main airports which are a nightmare to get to especially during rush hour or if there is an accident on the roads leading to them. The number of smaller independent airports far outnumbers the major hubs which means not only are they easier and quicker to get to by car but when you do arrive there is less people around as well.

Standing in the long security check line, putting all your items through an X-ray machine and stepping through a metal detector are also a thing of the past when travelling private. All of these little things  can add up to a considerable amount of time saved compared to a commercial airline. These benefits are all good but the biggest advantage has to be that if you are running a few minutes late then they will wait for you, which means no more getting to the airport stressed and worried.


Considering “private” is in the name this benefit should be pretty obvious. Privacy is something we all want when travelling. The times when you have to sit uncomfortably close to someone you don’t know who sneaks a look at your laptop while you’re working has to be one of the most annoying and intrusive drawbacks to flying commercially. Being separated from your family and friends is the other disadvantage.

Hiring a private jet allows you to work in peace without prying eyes and gives you that special time back with your family where you don’t have to whisper across people you don’t know to speak to your loved ones.


Of course this has to be one of the main benefits. If travelling in style is what you want, when you charter a private jet that is exactly what you get. The seats are first class, beds can be prepared at your request, VIP catering is available, there is also a fully licensed bar, TV’s, an entertainment centre and usually a stewardess to deal with any requests you may have during your flight.


You may be thinking that there is not much difference between a private jet and first class but when you go private this is just for you and your family/friends, it’s your own personal luxury.