7 Beautiful Places to Visit in the Close Vicinity of London

London is one of the most beautiful places in the world. For many centuries, it has been the travel destination for many tourists. It’s indeed a very popular city. However, many people are probably not aware that there are far more beautiful places just outside London.

If you are already in London and want to experience the real UK, pack your things now in your hotel and look for a taxi in milton keynes to get you around, or you may as well get on the train. Across the UK, you can find a lot of tourist spots. In fact, you don’t have to get too far. Here are seven beautiful places to visit in the close vicinity of London:



If you want to visit a place along the sea where you can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, Bexhill-On-Sea is a place to go. It’s 30 minutes drive from London. To get there, you can ride the Southeastern train. When you arrive there, you can go to Bistro45 to eat while enjoying a very nice ambiance of the channel.

Windsor Castle

UK is known for having a lot of heritage structures such as ancient castles that are still preserved until now. Most of them are now converted into national parks and historical sites where travelers can visit. One of them is Windsor Castle. You can get there from London in just 30 minutes via First Great Western train from Paddington.

Runnymede National Trust

Another historical site you can visit just outside London is Runnymede National Trust. This is where the Magna Carta was signed by King John in 1215. There are also some places to eat such as The Monkey’s Forehead and The Tudor Room. Runnymede National Trust is just 40 minutes away from London via South West train from Waterloo.


Colchester is the oldest town in the UK ever recorded. Many travelers visit this place to see the actual architecture of the old Britain which still exists until now. When you get there, don’t forget to eat and drink at The Fat Cat on Butt Road. Colchester is one hour away from London via Greater Anglia train from Liverpool Street.

Winchester College

Winchester College is not just a good educational institution for the locals. It’s also a good place for travelers to visit. It’s a historical site as Winchester College is the oldest college in the UK still operating since then. There is another historical site near the college, and that is The Winchester City Mill which is restored by the National Trust. Winchester is 1 hour away from London via South West train from Waterloo.

New Forest

If you want to enjoy nature, there is a place you can visit called New Forest. This is a park-like forest where you can see a lot of wild ponies. This is also a better place to go on a picnic. It’s only 1.5-hour drive from London.

Avebury Stone Circle

Avebury Stone Circle is similar to Stonehenge in terms of age and mystery. It’s believed to be constructed around 2850 BC. It’s two hours away from London via First Great Western train from Paddington.


Visiting London will give you a chance to see some popular tourist spots in the city. And if you want some better places to explore outside London, you will discover a lot more places that are not yet known by many people around the world. Therefore, don’t forget to bring your best camera, so you won’t miss a chance to capture all the beautiful places you can visit near London.



  1. Miranda

    Love your list, when I was there in London last year I didn’t explore that much but hopefully returning next year so thank you for this tips.

  2. Faye

    Thanks for putting these beautiful places together. I hope to visit all of these historical places the next time I visit London. I’m excited thinking about it.

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