What’s Hot & Happening: October in Melbourne

October’s usually a lively, fun-filled month for Melbourne, with the number of festivals and events keeping this city alive and more vibrant than the usual. For locals, it’s the merry month of the annual Melbourne Festival, a pulsing blend of arts, culture, and entertainment that showcases the bests of Australia. Visitors usually fly in during this month to catch the month-long festival, so expect Melbourne to be a bustling, packed hub when you go here.

Transportation can be a tad more difficult during October, but conquering the frenetic traffic and streets is a cinch when you rent a car in Melbourne. It’s a sure-fire way of not only battling the jammed city, but also going to the different venues where the events are held. We’ve listed here some of the hot and happening stuff Melbourne has in store for you this month so that you’ll have an easy guide with you before you conquer the city:

Australian Movie and Comic Expo 2016 (15 to 16 October 2016)


Hands down, it’s one of the most entertaining and fun expos in Australia. It’s the ultimate must-see event not only for movie and comic die-hards, but for basically everyone in general because, really, who doesn’t like seeing comic book and movie characters come alive in the form of cosplayers, replicas, and displays?It’s a treat for fans of all ages, with the entire two days filled with tons of activities and shows that will keep you amazed and entertained for hours.

Formerly known as Armageddon Australia, the now AMC Expo features gaming, multimedia, fantasy, and family events, all rolled under one roof. Made by fans for fans, AMC brings to Australia some of the movie, TV, and comic world’s stars, with the likes of Michael Trevino from the Vampire Diaries and The Originals, MaleseJow from The Flash, Alona Tal from Supernatural, Richard Arnold from Star Trek, and Tammin Sursok from Pretty Little Liars, just to name a few. You can also get to meet here some DC and Marvel writers, plus a few movie animation artists. You can check here the full list of event guests and the rundown of activities and shows.

Luna Dark 2016 (29 to 31 October 2016)


End October with a scream this Halloween at Melbourne’s historic Luna Park, where amusement turns into terror and horror as the park is transformed into Luna Dark, a spook-tacular 3-night special event that will get your heart racing and your blood pumping in fear. Starting at 7 PM and ending at midnight, Luna Dark is set to become another massive Halloween event with all kinds of ghosts and ghouls filling every inch of the park, ready to jump on the chance to get a scream out of anyone. Roaming zombies are everywhere, as well as other hair-raising terrors in the form of corpses, coffins, and clowns. Luna Park’s basically going to make every childhood monster and nightmare come alive.

What’s more exciting is that you get to dress in up in your favourite Halloween costume too if you like — prizes are at stake for the best dressed in the park. Aside from the scares and thrills, Luna Park is bringing also performances by The Strays and a special Mutant Beauty Parlour hosted by the Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty.

Get your costumes ready and prepare for three nights of gore, blood, and all things scary this Halloween, only at Luna Park. You can get your tickets here.

2016 Melbourne Festival (06 to 23 October)


Dive right into the effervescent arts and cultural scene of Melbourne as the city once again celebrates the 17-day long annual Melbourne Festival this month. Formerly known as the Melbourne International Arts Festival, this popular October event brings together the best theatre, music, dance, and visual arts performances and works from both local and international artists. The festival’s held in different venues across the city, including the Arts House, The Coopers Malthouse, The Substation, Dancehouse, and Melbourne Recital Centre. You can check ticketing information for the event and venues here.

With these three diverse events, you’ll surely have more than enough to fill your plate when you visit Melbourne this month. Start marking your calendars and get the things you need ready — costumes for the AMC cosplay and Luna Dark Halloween event, comic books for AMC autographs, and a bunch of festival-ready outfits for the Melbourne Festival. Also, make sure you can get to these venues easily so find a car hire in Melbourne as early as now or ready your ride sharing apps to rid yourself the headache of arranging transportation once you get here. Have a blast in Melbourne this October!

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