6 Creative Ways to Preserve and Display Your Travel Photos

Your travel photos are the ultimate souvenirs from the places you’ve visited. As you go from one destination to another, your photo collection expands. What are you going to do with all those photos?

You can do better than just letting your travel memories stay forever in your computer or storage devices. Travel photos are supposed to be preserved and shared! What’s the point of photographing your epic adventures and the scenic destinations if you’ll just keep the pictures to yourself?

Here are some creative ways to help you preserve and display your travel photos:

Photo Books


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What better way to immortalize your most cherished travel photos than compiling them into a photo book? It’s a perfect way to share your travel stories, too. You can choose from the standard themes provided by a photo book printer, or you can opt to have your own personalized theme. Then you can add information or lists like your favorite moments during your trip. Let the pictures tell your own story!

Photography Portfolio Books


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If you think you’re ready to take travel photography as a career, you can create your professional portfolio books featuring your own travel photos. Having your own portfolio book is one of the first steps to make a living out of travel photography, and it’ll serve as your catalog that you can show to your potential clients.

Travel Blog

Share your travel photos with an online community through a travel blog.Making a travel blog is very easy—all you have to do is post your experiences visiting different places. Make your blog as inspirational and encouraging as you can. Your preserved travel photos and written stories will not only inform but also inspire your readers to travel.

DIY Travel Scrapbook

Get creative and start your DIY scrapbook project! Compile all your travel photos and design them to your liking. To jazz up your travel scrapbook, add extra details like stickers, patterned papers, and even short captions.

Framed Photo Collage


If you have a lot of travel photos and can’t choose just one to display, put them all together in one beautiful collage. Use frames of different kinds and shapes to add an interesting touch to your wall. You can also put your photo collage in one big frame! For sure, each time you take a glance at your framed travel photo collage, you’ll be reminded of how much fun you’ve had in your travels.

Polaroid Photo Wall

Looking to create something unique out of your travel photos? Have them printed in polaroid style and display the prints on your wall. Group your photos according to theme and post them on a bare wall. A well-designed travel photo wall is sure to transform any room from boring to lively!

Your travel photos are beautiful memories meant to be shared with everybody. They don’t deserve to be just archived digitally or physically. Take time to retrieve and organize them in such a way that they’ll look interesting and will last for a long time. Let your imagination and creative juices flow!

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