Saucony Xodus Iso Running Shoe Review

Any serious runner needs to spend time finding that perfect pair of shoes that will enhance their running performance whilst being comfortable and looking good. I believe I’ve found that in the Xodus Iso from Saucony. I’ve recently got my hands on a pair of these and I’ve written this review to help you decide if these are also the shoes that you’ve been looking for.

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The first thing I have to talk about is how comfortable these shoes are as they are padded everywhere you could want, which makes running in them so much more enjoyable than any old cheap pair that rubs your feet/ankle with every step.

They’re also designed so that they keep out debris especially well, which is a big plus for me as there is nothing worse than having to stop a run when you’re in the zone to take off your shoe and shake out a stone or bit of gravel.

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Another huge benefit of these shoes is the amount of protection they offer for your feet when running on hard ground as the EVERUN topsole reduces the pressure on your feet whilst the moulded toe shell protects you if you hit your toes on any unseen, painful hazards like rocks or concrete.

The main highlight for me though has to be the grip on these shoes, living in the UK it tends to rain quite often so there’s always a good chance that I might slip when I go out for a run, but not in these. I literally feel like they grip more than any other running shoe I’ve ever had, even in bad conditions I’ve never slipped or lost my footing once wearing these.

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Now I’ve talked about how comfortable and protected these shoes feel it’s time to talk about how they can boost your performance if you’re a running athlete or regular marathon enthusiast.

I don’t run in competitions or marathons but these shoes helped me increase my own personal running distance and time. If you are a long distance runner then you may also consider picking up a Hydration Backpack, these handy bags keep your hands free by holding your water for you on your back. Runner Click have some great detailed reviews on all the best backpacks. The shoes helped my performances mainly due to the fact that they are extremely light, less than 300 grams (if you don’t know how that feels then go into your kitchen, weigh out 300 grams of flour and prepare to be amazed).

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As they are so light this lets you conserve more energy especially towards the end of longer runs when you are really tired and every step feels like a mile on its own, this combined with the bounce you get from the sole really pushes you forward to break your personal bests.

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The Xodus Iso by Saucony are really one of the best pair of running shoes you can buy at the moment, they will set you back around £115 but for the quality you get you know that they are a very good investment as they will be your go to pair of shoes for years to come. I personally recommend these shoes to anyone who asks me as I cannot find even one flaw to criticise about them.