Merrell Capra Bolt Hiking Shoes Review

Merrell is an established brand in the hiking market and their Capra Bolt range of shoes are quickly making a name for themselves as some of the best shoes you can buy that fit all the requirements every serious hiker looks for.

Merrell were very kind to offer me a pair of Capra Bolt’s in exchange for an honest review on my blog, so I loaded up the family and we headed out on a hike around our nearest lake to test them out.

The Capra Bolt has to be one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve honestly ever worn. From the moment you take them out of the box, the cushioned padding on the inside of the shoe combined with the breathable mesh lining make it seem like you’ve been wearing them in for years.

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The amount of cushioning makes walking on any terrain an absolute breeze whilst also delivering support to the ankle which is vital when hiking on uneven terrain. The air cushion heel also absorbs any shocks you might expect with harsher hiking ground.

The weight of these shoes needs to be mentioned as they are extremely light, which would help reduce the strain on your legs on more demanding hikes. This turned out to be a godsend, as I was already carrying around one little lump.

The Capra Bolts can be bought for around £50-£90 and whilst these are not the cheapest shoes you can buy for your hiking adventures, they are far from the most expensive. In my opinion the Capra Bolt is the perfect mid range option, as for around £50-£90 you are buying the quality that you know will last for years to come whilst also being comfortable at the same time.

It’s really not worth buying that pair of hiking shoes that are £30+ cheaper only to find out they give you blisters and start to fall apart in a few months.

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The design of these shoes is what really sets them apart from the competition as they simply look amazing. Although they come in a range of colour choices for the American market, I’m afraid we in the UK only get the choice between black and silver or plain black designs.

The Capra Bolt has an excellent outsole that grips any surface extremely well in all weather. The bellow tongue keeps all debris out, which is a well known annoyance in the hiking world, and the metal hook and lacing closure makes sure that they feel secure when laced up.

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Overall the Capra Bolt hiking shoe is a perfect mid range choice for anyone looking for quality, comfort and style at an affordable price. They will last for years to come without falling apart or disintegrating to the point where you’ll have to buy a new pair of hiking shoes sooner than expected.

If I had to criticise these shoes then I’d have to mention the low cuff which would offer reduced ankle support to the more serious hikers and also allow for water to seep in when hiking through deeper water. However as the Capra range also offers a mid ankle cuff option, if you are expected a more challenging hike you could always go for this design instead.

Personally I would highly recommend these shoes to any long-term travellers hoping to experience some amazing hikes during their travels. The Capra Bolts are lightweight enough to be easily carried around in your backpacks when not in use and when you do need them for an incredible hike, they offer excellent protection and support in all types of terrain. An added bonus I found is the lightweight design and stylish athletic look means they can also easily double up as running shoes.

Now I just need to get much smaller pair for when Oscar is able to walk for himself on our hikes.

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