5 Reasons You Should Visit Canada

When it comes to North America, the obvious travel destination is the United States. It’s so easy to forget about Canada as it isn’t such a heavyweight on the international stage like its next door neighbour is. We think this is so unfair, though! Canada is such a huge country. It offers an extensive list of destinations, each offering their very own unique sights and attractions. Still need convincing why you should be booking a holiday to Canada right now? Here are our top five reasons.

Cosmopolitan Cities

Each city in Canada is vibrant and buzzing with culture. Whether you head to Vancouver out in the Pacific Northwest, or book a trip to the francophile Montreal. You’ll be spoilt with cultural experiences wherever you go. Vancouver manages to pair a bustling metropolis vibe with a lot of natural, green space. In Montreal, you’ll be able to brush up your French and sample some unique French Canadian culture. And let’s not forget about Toronto. A trip up the famous CN Tower will afford you breathtaking city panoramas. If you fancy splashing out, book a table in its rotating fine-dining restaurant.

Outstanding Natural Beauty

There’s one thing about Canada that no one can argue with – its countryside is exceptionally beautiful. Just look at Niagara Falls! That’s right, you don’t have to go to the US to discover these thundering waterfalls. You can also visit the Canadian side of the falls. If you want a few days of peace and quiet, head to the Kouchibouguac National Park in New Brunswick. The park is made up of sand dunes, salt marshes and lagoons. There are loads of options for staying in the Canadian countryside. Why not think about cottage vacation rentals?

Canadian Cuisine

We all know just how delicious maple syrup is! Well, it tastes even better in its homeland of Canada! If you’re a fan of smokey flavours, you’ll be in for a treat, especially if you visit Montreal. The city is renowned for its smoked meats and is said to rival New York’s pastrami. Another food that is said to be better than New York’s are the Canadian bagels. Especially those in Montreal. They’re all infused with honey to enhance their flavour. But you can’t go all the way to Canada and not sample poutine. The national dish is very simple. It’s just French fries topped with gravy and curds! Mouth watering yet?!

It’s Affordable

Canada is an ideal vacation spot for budget travellers. With $1 US Dollar currently worth approximately $1.34 Canadian Dollars and the pound worth $1.88 Canadian Dollars, there has never been a better time for visitors from North America or further abroad to visit the country.

All the Activities

Want to stay active during your vacation? You’ve come to the right place! Canada is a real outdoorsy place and its natural landscape really lends itself to hikers, mountain bikers and skiers. If you want to be outside, but don’t fancy working up a sweat, you can always keep it gentle on a river tour or head out to sea for a spot of whale watching. To get the adrenalin pumping, there are plenty of bungee jumping and whitewater rafting locations.

What’s stopping you from having a fantastic trip now then? It looks like it’s time to get that Canadian vacation booked!