The Best day trips from Rome

Every year people flock like birds to Italy’s stunning capital city. It’s no surprise when you weigh in all the wonders that Rome has on offer (pizza… pasta, anyone?). But, there’s a world outside of the capital. Some of the best day trips from Rome give you the chance to feast your eyes on unseen delights, monuments and sites where few tourists tread. Whether it’s trekking in the Lazio countryside or seeing hidden and exotic lakes, Rome’s got a little bit of everything. So in the nature of providing something a little off the beaten path, here’s a selection of some of the best day trips from Rome.

Bracciano Lake

One short hour north from Rome and you’ll find yourself in Bracciano. It’s a small town with big charm owing to its well preserved medieval past. The famous castle found within the town is an example of great military Renaissance architecture. But this place is especially great because of the volcanic lake which makes for the perfect excuse to go sailing.

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Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast. This place goes without saying. Anyone who is anywhere nearby should make time to visit this beautiful stretch of glorious Italian coastline. Guarded by UNESCO, it really is heaven on Earth (OK, slight exaggeration but almost) and is one of Italy’s jewels. The area is also a prominent cultivator of lemons which help in the production of delicious limoncello which you’ll be drinking on your day trip from Rome.

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Villa d’Este

This 16th century site is a portal to into Rome’s upper class past. Situated in the Tivoli and surrounded by verdant countryside. Opulent, beautiful and classic. These are the words that come to mind when you think of Villa d’Este. These Roman ruins have waterfalls, history, fountains and gardens. An absolute feast for the senses and a great place to grab a few holiday snaps.

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Trekking in Lazio countryside

A little trekking is good for the heart. Sometimes it’s good to uncharge from busy city life in Rome and taking to the Lazio countryside. Trekking in the Lazio countryside is a great excuse for the ramblers amongst us who want to explore a little more of Italy. It offers wild paths, hidden lakes and a great spots to have a picnic with a few friends. Remember to bring the prosecco! Yum.

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Ancient Ostia

Ancient Ostia is a huge archaeological site near the old Roman harbour (yep, seafood!). What’s brilliant about taking a day trip from Rome to here is the fact that everything is immaculately preserved (even leading to people calling it the better Pompeii) and there’s enough frescoes and mosaics to keep your eyes culturally satisfied for hours. So if you’re big into seeing ancient remains, old amphitheaters where Romans went to be entertained then a day trip to Ancient Ostia should definitely be on the cards.

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Some of the best day trips from Rome mean taking a few hours out of your day to hit the road but the journey is definitely worth it. You’ll see much more than you imagined and leaving these villages, towns and communes will give you a better sense of Italian life outside of Rome. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning and go!


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