Australia’s Love Affair with Beach Cricket

With a huge chunk of the population living near the coast, beaches are an integral part of the Australian lifestyle. Combine that with a sport frenzy and you get the most beloved sport of the local Australian people: Beach Cricket. It is a sport that encourages complete strangers to come together in mutual appreciation. There is only one rule of the game: Have as much fun as you possibly can.

Australia's Love Affair with Beach Cricket
If you’re a tourist, you must get a taste of beach cricket to render your Australian experience truly complete. Hire a car from Hertz in Australia for a commodious and easy travel and dedicate an entire day to beach-hopping. On a sunny day, the Cottesloe Beach in Perth is the place to be. It is teeming with locals at all times and is the perfect spot to assemble a beach cricket team. Other popular beaches include the Pinky Beach on Rottnest Island and Sandy beach in Exmouth. These beaches promise a good game of beach cricket on any given day. While the former boasts of a spectacular lighthouse backdrop, the latter is known for its shallow waters which is perfect for kids. Perhaps, one of the most famous destinations for beach cricket is Cable Beach in Broome. It is renowned for its sunset camel rides as well.

A trip to the Whitsundays island calls for a definite visit to the Whitehaven beaches. The Whitsundays Island offers excitement and exploration. The clear waters, the sunshine on your back, and the sand in your toes might just become the perfect story for the kids and the envious friends back home. On your way to Whitehaven beach, rent a Reef Ryder boat and go snorkelling at the Chaulkies Beach. Once you reach Whitehaven, forget everything else and revel in the sights. The white, gorgeous silica sand stretches for miles and the azure waters only accentuate its beauty. Stroll along the shores, admire the vast stretch of ocean and join a game of beach cricket. You could not ask for a more perfect destination.

Australia is also known to host beach cricket tournaments all year round. The Gold Beach Cricket Tri-Nation Series hasn’t returned since 2009. However, it leaves a strong legacy. The Beach Cricket Festival of Bettystown is another popular event. In previous years, teams from Dublin, Meath, Kildare, Monaghan have participated and 2014 saw the event become more flexible to include other sports like volleyball and some racing events as well. However, it is not all about sun, sand and sixes – this event also raises money for charity. Clontarf is another organization which uses beach cricket for a good cause. It organises beach cricket events all year round by introducing it in schools to discourage absenteeism. Since its introduction, attendance has increased considerably. With Australia co-hosting the upcoming world cup, the spirits of the nation are high and the love for their favourite sport has soared. Whether a friendly cricket match on their home beaches or the stress of a mammoth international tournaments, looks like there a lot more to beach cricket than what meets the eye.