Momondo Website and App Review

Overall Score4.5
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  • The Momondo website and Apps both offer ease of use and fantastic features for finding great deals on flights, hotels and car hire.

Momondo is a well-known website that is used to locate and compare airlines and flights for the lowest price possible. They have won several awards for being the most cost-efficient flight comparison website and have also been recognized by big names such as the New York Times and CNN.

What it does is search for the best deal in flight tickets by checking out a majority of the main travel sites and other carriers. Then users are directed straight to the same free websites offering the most unbeatable prices.

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Momondo is a website designed to make travel plans simpler while giving you cheaper options. They also have a trip finder that lets you pick from a selection of options to aid in your destination making decisions. For example, you can choose family size, region temperature, and even time of year to help pinpoint where you would like to explore.

While putting in your criteria the trip advisor searches through a vast number of locations to find you a destination that best fits your needs. The only downfall to this is it doesn’t give you a whole lot of options to choose from after it has sorted through all of the places in its database.

Holiday rentals are another service the website offers giving you guidance with finding a low cost home to stay in while on holiday. You can choose from a rental home, villa and even an apartment. The prices are compared just like the flights are, giving you get the best deal for your money. Booking is done online and is confirmed by the agency or property owner immediately.

Of course, when you are traveling you need more than a place to stay and a money efficient flight, you also need shuttle service information. You choose the date, time, and airport name, and Momondo searches around 30,000 areas to find you the closest and cheapest shuttle ride and if necessary, there are hotels to sift through as well.

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The Momondo app can be installed on most Android devices as well as most Apple products. The app is pretty much just like the website except with the application you get a more mobile friendly version of the information. They search a variety of major airlines along with the lower-priced carriers and some travel agencies in order to give the user a broader range of comparisons.

The app can be downloaded via the following links:

iPhone –

Android –

There is a price calendar option that gives you fare pricing that is closer to your budget by averaging out the costs for airlines on different dates. The filter used by the application works well at giving you results based off time of departure and arrival, ticket type and other specific needs. Sorting flights can be as easy as choosing categories like cheapest, late return and early departure.

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The coolest feature the application has that the website does not offer is the Friend Compass that can literally show you where all your friends are at in the world. It turns your phone into a real life compass letting you pinpoint your Facebook friends. Another awesome aspect of the Friend Compass is it not only finds your Facebook friends by location it also gives you a list of the cheapest and quickest flight to get you to them.

This nifty component is exceptional at finding flights to your friends; it can even categorize your friends from furthest away to most expensive to visit. It also has a unique option that shows which friend is in the hottest or coolest location. Then once you do book a flight in order to go visit that person you can use the built-in Facebook button to inform them of you arrival.

I have checked many different prices for visiting friends far and wide and have found that the prices are perfectly within budget. The hotel choices are even better, all I really have to do is plan the vacation according to what I want to do when I get there. I really think this application and the Friend Compass feature are unique and different from many others I have seen and it truly is a great way to connect with friends and family.

Plus, connecting straight to Facebook makes the whole process ten times easier than actually going through and one by one putting in my friend or family member’s information. With this app it does it all, hooking me up with great deals and offers to get me to my destination as quickly and budget friendly as possible.

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This application is one of the few to have internationally created features recognizing around 21 languages and 80 different currencies. Worldwide the Momondo app is highly regarded with customer reviews giving it a very high 4 stars out of 5.

Some complaints are incorrect information when using the price calendar such as looking by month and receiving results for a completely different airline. There are also some who say they just want more from the application like being able to get the contact information for airlines being booked.

Ultimately, I give the Momondo website and application 4.5 stars out of 5 for its fantastic features and ease of navigation. They can both use some updating in ways of making sure all information is as up-to-date as possible and having a better turn out when suggesting destinations based off of my portfolio. I would have to say it’s definitely worth checking out.