Incredible Places To Take Your Children In The Summer Holidays

Keeping your kids busy during the summer holidays is a monumental task; it can also be a very expensive one. The parent who is lucky enough to go to work every day has an easier time of it than the one that is forced to stay at home and occupy the children.

Sometimes, throughout the summer holidays, it is good for the family to get away, even if it only for a day trip or a weekend. But where to go? That is the big question. There are so many places to choose from, and you can’t afford to get it wrong.

Here are a few suggestions you may like to consider, if you are thinking of planning a trip. Some are day trips while some will need a weekend to get the most out of them.

Euro Disney

Without a doubt. Disneyland Paris is the number one destination for all young children. There is no need to suffer seasickness on a ferry now thanks to the channel tunnel. Drive onto a Eurostar Train and travel at high speed to France where you continue the journey by road to your destination. It is quite an expensive weekend, and a fair bit of driving is involved, but your children will remember it forever. Is it worth the price and effort to create those memories? I think so.


Throughout their school years, your children will learn about stories and the history surrounding London. Every child should see for themselves, the buildings that they are learning about. Book a hotel for the weekend from Venere, or another agent, and head off to the nation’s capital for a stylish weekend. Maybe take them to a West End show, kids love the theatre.

Alton Towers

If your children are budding daredevils, treat them to a day, or even a weekend at Alton Towers in Derbyshire. Set in idyllic surroundings, the high tech rides will terrify and exhilarated at the same time. Alton towers has its own hotel if your heart can take the shock for a whole weekend.

The Seaside

No matter where you live in England, Scotland, or Wales, you will never have to travel more than one hundred miles to a coast; that is the beauty of living on an island. It is a fact that all children love the seaside too so why not head off on a day trip, or weekend getaway, armed with buckets and spades. Yes, it is dad that gets most pleasure from creating the best sandcastle, but the kids love it too. The British weather can be unreliable, but there are weekends when the Met Office guarantee us sunshine, so you may need to pack up and head off at short notice when the opportunity arises.


Visit Legoland in Windsor and enjoy a day on the rides and marvel at the constructions made from little plastic blocks. Explain to you children that you can’t make them yourself because Legoland use glue on their bricks, and that is cheating. There is also a great Safari park at Windsor too, so a hotel stopover could be on the cards.

During the summer holidays, hold your nerve; it is likely to be six weeks of torture, but it will soon be over. The beauty of going on family trips is that you little cherubs will spend a lot of time sleeping in the car, so make it a long journey and prepare yourself for the next onslaught.

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