How to spend 3 Days in Rio de Janeiro during World Cup 2014

Brazil is at the very heart of the world of travel this summer, with Rio at the center. As a major Brazilian port and a predominant host city during the World Cup Tournaments, it is definitely the city to visit! Spending time in Rio de Janeiro allows tourists to experience the best of soccer, culture, sightseeing, nightlife, and dining. The following are some terrific ways to spend your time in Rio during the games.

Enjoy the Games!

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The Maracanã Stadium is one of the most remarkable open-air stadiums on the planet. A trip to Rio isn’t complete unless it includes world cup betting during the championship games in 2014. As striking as it is immense this circular arena, first built to accommodate World Cup 1950, seats almost 80,000 spectators each game. It is officially the largest stadium in South America.

Soak up the sun on the Copacabana and Ipanema Beaches:

Revel in the beauty of these infamous beaches. Stroll along the four kilometers black and white mosaic promenade, at Copacabana, or relax on the diamond-white sands of Ipanema. Expect crowds, check the weather report, and plan to arrive early enough to become familiar with the highlights of each beach destination. Then sit back and enjoy your favorite beverage while taking in the warmth of the Brazilian sun.

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Take a Break in the Botanical Garden:

A visit to the Botanical Garden all but promises a glimpse of the Brazilian toucan and the Pau-Brasil. One of the top-ten botanical gardens in the world, UNESCO distinguishes it as a bio-reserve. Take a break from the rhythm of the city, pack a picnic lunch, and relish the many wonders that Brazil is so famous for.

Visit the National Park of Tijuca:

A short distance from Rio de Janeiro (just over twelve miles from the center of the city) the National Park reserve includes waterfalls, animals in their natural habitat, stony peaks, and tropical vegetation. The largest metropolitan forest in the world, the park includes Gavea Rock, the Tijuca Forest, and the Carioca hill. So, plan to ‘take a walk on the wild side’ and fully appreciate Rio de Janeiro’s lush greenery.

Celebrate with the Rio Carnival:

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The Rio Carnival draws millions of tourists and locals each year. This year with the onset of the FIFA World Cup, the festival promises to be as it has never been experienced before! Samba schools from the region will enthrall the crowds while the Marquês de Sapucai Parade will entertain young and old alike. All along the avenue prominent citizens and artists will add additional color and life to the ‘gangway of dreams’.

Learn about Brazil’s Past at the National Historical Museum:

Near Praça João Paulo, Brazilian history comes to life amidst vast collections of artwork, stately carriages, a royal throne (Pedro II), and countless breathtaking artifacts. The feathery plume, used by Princess Isabella to sign away slavery, is just one of many priceless relics on display in Brazil’s National Historical Museum.

Sample the culinary delicacies that reflect Brazil’s cultural heritage, climb up Sugarloaf Mountain, or sip a caipirinha (lime, cachaca, sugar, and crushed ice), then dance each night away under the rich Rio de Janeiro sky!

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