I Got U, Duke Dumont – Middle of the Week Motivation – 21

So I know it’s Monday and that can hardly be considered the middle of the week, so lets just call this a motivational Monday post instead shall we.

I have yet another music video to ignite your wanderlust. This one is called ‘I Got U’ by Duke Dumont featuring Jax Jones. The video starts in rainy England and a guy gets a parcel delivered to his door. Opening the parcel he finds the virtual reality device he has been excitedly expecting and decides to test it out.

After putting on the VR device he is transported to a stunning Thai villa and from there goes on to experience just some of the incredible opportunities Thailand has to offer such as riding an Elephant, fire dancing, the beaches and the nightlife.

I Got U, Duke Dumont - Middle of the Week Motivation - 21

Although none of it is actually real.

The sad thing is it would have probably been cheaper for him to fly out there himself, than it would have been to buy the device in the first place.

Check out the video and I’m sure you will be very inspired to make Thailand your next destination.

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  1. phil

    what is the name of the thai girl in the blue to piece bikini drinking the coconut, and she also swims and is on the boat. She is super pretty.

      1. Author

        Hi Tammy, thanks for letting me know. I did try to find out her name when the video first came out but at the time wasn’t able to.

  2. Sarah

    Great video! Yeah, I wander how much that device actually cost him, I got to do a lot of those things out there, and I bet it was a lot cheaper than buying that helmet! What are you waiting for guys? 🙂

    1. Author

      Hey Sarah, glad you liked the music video. I had heard the song on the radio so many times but only saw the video the other day.

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