7 Computer Games that will Ignite your Wanderlust

Uncharted Series

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The Uncharted game series are in my opinion some of the most breathtaking games ever made. The locations visited by Drake (the main character) are truly inspirational when thinking about traveling in real life. The endless ruins visited in the game always give the urge to actually go and witness something so amazing in real life especially as some sort of ruins can be found in practically any country in the world.

Tomb Raider Series

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Who hasn’t played a Tomb Raider game in their lives, I mean this is a truly legendary series. Especially since the first game came out on 25th October 1996 and the latest one was released just last year. Throughout that time Lara has visited most of the world including Ghana, India, Angkor Wat, Thailand, Japan, Tibet and Nepal and that’s just to name a few. So when deciding where to go traveling think about how good it would sound to people to say that you followed in Lara Croft’s footsteps.

Assassins Creed Series

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This game series has some beautiful landscapes that are breathtaking even for a game, so why not take a trip down to the Holy Land (Israel) to witness some of these landscapes in person. Although the years haven’t been kind to these structures and some of them are a bit worse for wear there’s no doubting they are drenched in history and are an absolutely amazing place to visit. Just thinking about the place during the Crusades and what it must have been like for the people at that time is another reason to make this a stop on your travels.


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A game that will definitely go down in history as one of the greatest of all time will no doubt be Skyrim. It’s hard and cold landscape is one that is a welcome change to most gamers but it can especially be a welcome change to most travelers. I mean when someone says they have been traveling most people will immediately think of some place hot and sweaty but why do you have to go someplace hot? Just think about all the amazing places you can discover in colder countries and the beautiful things to be seen. So when you think about traveling don’t rule out the cold places just because you’ll have to pack more clothes.

Fallout New Vegas

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This post apocalyptic game is a truly unforgettable game to play, simply because games like this have never been done so well before and are unlikely to be beaten in the future, but let’s get to the traveling side of the game. VEGAS! No I’m just kidding, that would be too obvious. The ideas I get personally from this game are deserts. I know they don’t sound like much but there are some natural wonders in deserts that are a must see. The most renowned one would obviously be the Grand Canyon and there’s a reason it’s the most renown, it has to be seen to be believed.

Far Cry 3

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When I think of Far Cry I’m probably not the only one who thinks of shooting bad guys and hunting animals, which in itself is great but there’s so much more to think about for traveling. When I say that I mean how incredible must it be to explore an amazingly beautiful island with its gorgeous beaches and exotic wildlife all while the sun is shining. Just imagine yourself on that island, that’s inspiration enough right there to actually go and find one but just make sure you find one without crazy slavers and mad tribes on it.

Assassins Creed Brotherhood

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I’ve included another assassin’s creed mainly because this game of the series includes one of my personal favorite places to visit in the entire world, Rome. To me Rome is the most truly inspirational city in the world, whether you’re looking for violent history which you can find in one of the most amazing tourist attractions in the world which is the Colosseum, or even spiritual inspiration. Rome is home to the Vatican which is just one of the most stand out places in the entire world. So if you ask me Rome would be the one place I couldn’t recommend enough.

There you have 7 of my favorite games to ignite your wanderlust. Do you have a game you love playing that didn’t make it onto this list. Let me know in the comments below.

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