February 2014 – Monthly Summary

It’s time for my second monthly summary report for this blog, if you missed it you can read my very first monthly summary for January 2014 right here.

Goings on in my Life

February just seems to have flown by. I know it’s a shorter month anyway but it seems to come and gone in a blink. I’m still working hard full time 5 days a week whilst trying to blog as much as I can every evening. I have also been researching how to set up my own web and graphic design company but this is still in the very early stages, so I will hopefully have more to report in next months summary.

In regards to travelling I’m still trying to save up as much possible, but I also surprised my girlfriend with our upcoming trip to Paris as a Valentines Day present. I have never been to Paris, which is slightly embarrassing seeing as I live so close in South East UK. We will be taking the Eurostar on March 23rd and returning on the 26th but apart from that I haven’t really sorted anything else out yet.

Next Destination Paris

Website News

Not to much to report on the website front this month. About the only thing that is new is the Social Counter plugin you can find following you down the page in the sidebar.

Posts Published – 10

Below you can catch up on all the posts published during February 2014

Social Followers

Here is where I plan on keeping track on the number of social followers across all of my accounts month on month. If you haven’t done so already I would be very grateful if you followed me on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube, Pinterest or StumbleUpon. Hey, why not follow me on all of them.

[visualizer id=”3168″]

It’s great to see my followers moving in the right direction. The biggest mover this month has been Google Plus. I feel that Google Plus is a very underated social network. The communities are a great way of showcasing your posts to a high number of travel enthusiasts, if you are on G+ look out for my community Travel Inspiration where you can post your favourite blog posts, pictures and videos from your travels.

The smallest moving has been Youtube, which is understandable seeing as I haven’t posted any new videos to my channel.

Website Income – $463 or £276

This is the part I’m guessing most people are generally interested in, the income made by this site. In February 2014 I made $463, slightly up from the $350 I made last month, which is great. All of this is from direct advertising.

If you would like to advertise on my site then please read this page first.

[visualizer id=”3170″]


Travel Savings

Now the most exciting part for me is my travel savings pot. Admittedly my upcoming trip to Paris has given it quite a kicking but that’s exactly what it’s there for and the one up side of working a full time job means my savings get a nice little boost each month.

So with my wage and my upcoming Paris trip cancelling each other out my savings have remained similar.

[visualizer id=”3171″]

This is my savings in total. A lot of this is held up within different accounts such as premium bonds and a FTSE tracker so what I actually have could be a little more or less, depending on the market.

There you have my second ever monthly summary. I hope you found it informative and interesting.

If you have any questions or any recommendations as to what else I could add to the monthly summary then let me know in the comments below.



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  7. Kevin

    Holy cow, you’re moving along nicely. I’m really impressed with your progress. It’s been a pleasure following you and checking up on your status as a fellow blogger. Keep it up sir!

    1. Author

      Hey Kevin, thanks for your kind words. I have been blogging for over a year now and it’s nice to be making a bit of money from it.

      Keep up with your blog too, it’s great reading about your teaching experiences in China.

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