Three Attractions not to Miss in San Francisco

San Francisco, once a small settlement of only 200 people, expanded rapidly during the 1849 California gold rush (hence the name of their Football team the 49ers) into the 800,000 strong metropolis we can visit today. Remember if you are travelling from abroad, do apply for ESTA.

Now more famously known for its foggy weather, steep hills, and cable cars, San Francisco draws in the tourists for entirely different reasons. With so many cheap hotels in San Francisco to choose from you can be confident in the fact that you will find a great place to stay for a fair price and while you’re there make sure you do not miss these three incredible attractions.

The Golden Gate Bridge

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As one of America’s most celebrated constructions, the 1.7 mile suspension bridge that crosses the three mile long Golden Strait, is an amazing sight to behold. This massive, historic, and beautiful bridge connects the San Francisco Peninsula to The California County of Marin.

As a globally recognized symbol of both San Francisco and the United States, this is a must visit San Francisco Bay Marvel. If you choose to drive over the bridge, you better bring some cash. The south bound toll over the Bay is around six dollars.

Completed in 1937, the bridge held the record for the longest suspension bridge in the world until the mid 60’s. At tide, the look down to the Pacific Ocean is about two-hundred and twenty feet.


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What’s a mile long, one and a third miles wide, and has more dragons than dungeons? Chinatown, San Francisco.

Though there are at least four Chinatowns in San Francisco, the one that is most traditionally referred  to, is located near the neighborhoods of North Beach and Telegraph Hill. This San Francisco tourist destination is definitely a place you would not want to miss out on when you visit the home of 49’s and world famous trolley cars.

Awesome eateries, breathtaking sites, pagodas, tea shops, shows, souvenirs, and ancient Chinese secrets all await your arrival to the city.

The Exploratorium

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This amazing and largely interactive museum is a favorite of families that live in, and visit, the city of San Francisco.

With amazing exhibits like the world’s largest working toothpick sculpture, a microscopic imaging station, Polynesian Navigation, and even the Physics of skateboarding, this fun museum has a little something for explorers of any age.


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