The Best Budget Holiday Destinations from the UK

Every year, millions of Brits make it their mission to have a great summer holiday for the lowest possible price. The perfect getaway often takes months of planning, and some serious scouting around for the best deals, comparing cheap holidays online at sites like Below, you will find some of the most popular and budget-friendly destinations you can fly to from the UK.

Costa del Sol

When it comes to affordable holidays, the Costa Del Sol is one of the first inexpensive travel destinations that comes to mind. The affordable round trip flights from London start out at just under £100, and beachfront hotels start at around £20 a night.

Outstanding seafood dishes with Arabic, Jewish and Spanish influences are a must while visiting the South of Spain. Try some Gazpacho or Pescaito Frito in Old Town Marbella, or check out the Andulcian countryside by horseback.

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Tenerife is another great, sun-soaked destination you can fly to for under £100. The warm days and nights in South Tenerife are home to nightclub lights and busy tourist sights, where as North Tenerife is a bit more humid and lush, with green vegetation and wildlife that exudes beauty from every angle.

If you look carefully, you can even find five-star luxury hotels for around £90 a night. Alternatively, if you’re on a really tight budget, you can get accommodation for as little as £10 a night. Activities on offer in Tenerife include boat, Jeep, and submarine safaris, unique water parks, and jungle parks. And don’t forget to grab some La Vieja for dinner in one of Tenerife’s awesome restaurants.

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Escape to Majorca for around £90 this year. Pamper yourself at Port Adriano Marina Golf & Spa for around £125, or go a little less lavish with some highly rated hotels for as little as £32 a night.

From diving to adventure trips, and amazing night time shows, there’s plenty to keep you busy! And you won’t go hungry, with a fantastic selection of fresh fish, lamb, pork, and many locally grown island fruits and vegetables all combined in some delicious local dishes.

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Taking a trip to Corfu in Greece is an amazing experience, and you can find return flights for around £105, with decent accommodation available for not much more than £30 a night.

Hiring a bike is a great idea, or you can take in the sea life at the aquarium, or just enjoy the countryside scenery speckled with over two million olive trees. Corfu cuisine is delightfully Greek, with fish and seafood being the main attraction. That being said, be sure to try the lamb and veal dishes that will make your mouth water.

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Sharm el Sheikh

If you don’t mind spending a bit more, you can fly to Sharm el Sheikh and back for about £250, and accommodation is very reasonably priced, with hotels starting at around £50 a night. If you want to experience some real drama, take a stargazing tour in the desert, and sample the unique Bedouin cuisine.

Sharm is also one of the world’s top diving destinations, or you could go bowling, take in the sights, or even swim with the dolphins at Dolphina Park. And of course, the excellent seafood, fresh from the Red Sea, prepared with a traditional Egyptian flare, is not to be missed!

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