1 Year Blogging Anniversary (and a Special Announcement)

One year ago today was the very first time I uploaded a post on to this site and that makes it Travel on Inspiration’s 1 year blogging anniversary. With so many blogs failing within their first year, I consider it a great achievement that I have made it this far and that I am still finding blogging as exciting and educational as when I first started. If anyone else has managed to break the 1 year milestone then you should be pretty proud of yourself too.

1 Year Blogging Anniversary (and a Special Announcement)

To celebrate this anniversary I wanted to highlight some of the awesome things I have achieved through blogging this year.

Blogging Statistics

  • Number of posts published = 197 (That’s more than 1 every 2 days, I can’t believe I have uploaded so much content)
  • Number of comments received = 378 (Not including the millions of spam ones, thank god for Akismet)

Social Media Statistics

  • Twitter Followers = 1093
  • Facebook Likes = 163
  • Google Plus Followers = 242
  • Youtube Subscribers = 15 (My channel is very new so if anyone would like to subscribe, that would be awesome. You will also get to see my handsome face.)
  • StumbleUpon Followers = 30 ( I have really tried with StumbleUpon but it is so hard to get followers, if anyone would like to follow me you can do so here and I will be sure to follow you back)

Featured Content

My Special Announcement

With one year blogging down, and with some free time available now that my Masters degree is finished, I think it’s about time I updated this site. For the past year I have used a free WordPress theme and whilst I would recommend using a free theme to new bloggers to begin with, I am getting frustrated with the limited design options available to me.

Therefore over the Christmas period I will be updating this site with a brand new, fully responsive and customisable theme. With so many posts already, I am looking for a better way of highlighting some of the great content buried within the site and also making the whole thing look cleaner and run faster.

Whilst I would love to leave the site up and running during this time, I have had my experiences in the past with the dreaded WordPress white screen of death and therefore I am not sure if this will be possible. However if I cannot leave the existing site up I will make sure that a holding page is in place so you can be sure that I haven’t gone anywhere.

So that pretty much sums up my first year blogging and my plans for the near future. I would love to hear any opinions you may have about my site and the ways I could improve it. Also if you have had your first blogging anniversary or if it is coming up soon let me know in the comments below.


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  3. Renuka

    Congrats! I celebrated my 1 year of blogging on 14th August, 2013 with a red velvet cupcake. 🙂 Travel blogging is amazing! It grows on you. 🙂 It motivates you to do better and better. All the best to you for your future endeavors.

  4. The Guy

    Many congratulations on your anniversary. That is a great achievement and I enjoy reading your site many times of the last year.

    If you are looking for someone new to interview then by all means drop me a line. I’d love to be interviewed by you. My travel blog has been going for just over 14 months so we are at a similar place in our journey.

    I also did some research and changed my theme in the summer. If you want to know about my experiences then drop me a line too.

    Onwards and upwards. Here is to your next 5 years + of blogging 🙂

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