An L.A. to Vegas Road Trip

Driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on your way to the casinos can be a fun and rewarding trip. Even if you’re used to the very best online casino, nothing can compare to the feeling of rolling the dice for real in the desert playground. The five to six hour route Across the Mojave desert has some beautiful scenery. Keep in mind though that it is a desert and as such, don’t expect there to be a lot of variation. Just gorgeous open desert sky, sand, and the nearly two thousand species that live there. The roughly 270 mile journey will take you through a few interesting places that you won’t want to miss.

Before Your Trip

Before you gas up the car and head off to the amazing city of Las Vegas, you will want to ensure that you stock up on a few things first, namely Gas, Water, a few snacks, and a well maintained vehicle. The gas stations can be as far apart as 30 miles, so keeping your fuel gauge above a reasonable amount can be the difference between an unforgettable road trip and a long hot walk with a fuel canister. Keeping a gallon or two of water per person, and an extra for your radiator, should you need it, will help you should you break down. The desert temperatures can rise to over 110 degrees in the summer and in some places tumble below 30 degrees in the winter, so bring some warm clothing, and blankets, and ensure that your A/C is functioning properly.

Stops Along the Way

Baker Ca.

Baker is one place that you might want to take interest in. For one, there is an fascinating eatery there known as The Mad Greek diner. It’s become a tradition for many, to stop in on their way to and from Las Vegas to grab a Mad Greek gyro, or some other food, and maybe shop a little while you stretch your legs.

Barstow Ca.

In Barstow, you may want to stop in and do a little bargain hunting in their outlet malls on your way there or perhaps stop on your way back, if you’ve been lucky and saved some winnings from your Vegas trip.

Nevada State Line

Once you hit the Nevada state line, you will see a big place with a roller coaster around it. That will be Buffalo Bill’s resort. There are a few casinos, shopping malls and fashion outlets there as well. So if you need to take a break another from the road this is an ideal place.

Las Vegas

You have now reached your destination, Las Vegas, the city that turned the desert into a destination. Good luck if you are gambling. Just remember, Luck is for gambling, planning is for road trips. Be safe, think ahead, and enjoy your visit in the city of lights.