5 Reasons to Holiday in Costa Teguise

Nestled in a coastal cutaway in the north-eastern quarter of Lanzarote is a delightfully laid-back little beach town called Costa Teguise. Many visitors to the easternmost island of the Canaries may miss out on the opportunity to explore this gorgeous seaside community because of that instinctual urge to hit the capital, Arrecife.

Don’t fall into this trap. There are so many reasons why you should stay in Costa Teguise – the quieter, more cultural saturated cousin of the main city – that we have been forced to whittle them down to just five.

5 Reasons to Holiday in Costa Teguise


Costa Teguise is rife with first-rate accommodation opportunities at fantastic rates. For larger groups, there is an array of beautiful Roman-style villas available overlooking the shimmering Atlantic waters, with most equipped with a private pool. For smaller parties, the town also offers a selection of quality hotels, including the Santa Rosa and the Hotel Coronas Playa.


The weather in Costa Teguise is something of an “eternal spring”. Temperatures never drop below 20⁰C, even through the winter months, and in summer, the air stays around a cosy 28⁰C. Excursions are naturally air conditioned with a gentle, consistent breeze emanating from the coastline. Warm enough to sunbathe, cool enough to explore.


Dining is a critical part of the holidaying experience, so it’s a good job that Costa Teguise can supply the goods. There is a surprising diversity in the available cuisine; there is a fantastic Italian called Mister Romeo, a reputable ice cream parlour by the name of Antiu Xixora (whatever your flavour, it better be savoured) and one of the best authentic tapas bars around, the excellent La Tabla.


Sunning it up? Head over to one of Costa Teguise’s four beaches to soak up the rays and follow up with a splash in the tide. Playa de las Cucharas is the biggest and liveliest of the lot, but for a more secluded, relaxed spot, it’s a great idea to hit either Playa de los Charcos or Playa Bastián. Perfect for the bookworms and the hardcore tanners.


The nightlife in Costa Teguise is a laid-back coalition of bars and clubs, ranging from the ultra-British pub and grill, the Irish Bailey – run by a Scotsman with a big love for football and an even bigger love for laughs – to the La Vida, a venue that hosts quality live music most nights of the week. The drinks are relatively cheap, too, so you can enjoy your night without having to worry about your wallet.