What a Traveler Wants for Christmas

It seems the Christmas season starts earlier and earlier every year, with Christmas commercials showing on TV and shops selling their Christmas ranges already. So with that in mind, and with Halloween and fireworks night now passed here in the UK, I feel the timing is ok to post up this list of 5 great items any traveler would be happy to receive this Christmas. If you have a friend or family member currently traveling or if they have a trip coming up soon then these gift ideas could be just what you’re looking for.

1. Luckies Of London Scratch Map

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The Luckies Of London Scratch Map is a unique and interesting gift for anyone that loves to travel. This gorgeous world-map comes delivered in a map themed poster tube and each location that someone has traveled to can be scratched off allowing for an easy way to keep track of (and show off) all the countries they have visited. When scratched off, the underlying map reveals an interesting new image of the world. The 100% recycled paper map measures approximately 32″ X 23″ and it only costs around $20 USD. To go that extra mile why not have the mapped framed to make it a truly stand-out gift.

2. Hardback Travel Journal

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This handy travel themed notebook, measuring about 5″ X 7″, is a high-quality and durable notebook for any traveler. The 144 page notebook, sports a fold-over panel with a magnetic closure, which keeps the acid free paper safe. Unlike some other hard-covered journals, this one lies flat when in use to help further preserve the binding whilst also making writing easier for the author. The back cover, features a built in pocket, that travelers are raving about. It makes a great place to keep tickets/stubs and other small paper souvenirs. This amazing, travel sized, lined-page, travel journal can be found online for around $10 USD.

3. The Scrubba Wash Bag

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This lightweight wash bag, makes getting your clothes clean a whole lot easier while on the go. Get your clothes cleaned quicker and better than hand washing. Just put the soiled clothes in the bag, add a little wash liquid and a bit of water, roll the bag around underfoot or hand and voila! Clean clothes, ready to dry in under 5 minutes. No electricity or unwanted chemicals are needed to get your travel clothes clean and ready for action. This wash system, which is much lighter than most cleaning appliances, can be your gift for $65 for just the bag and $105 for the entire wash kit.

4. Anker Astro Mini USB External Battery

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This little powerhouse has drawn a lot of buzz from travelers and commuters around the world. It is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can add a decent charge to just about any Android, Apple or other electronic device that can charge off a USB port. This amazing and easily transported, lipstick sized, battery is perfect for travelers that could use the extra hours of phone or tablet charging. Whether you are deep in the hills, woods, or deep in trouble on the roadside, having the ability to quickly charge your phone to communicate your situation to others can be a huge relief. You can get this powerful little charger for about $20 USD.

5. Grid-It Organizer

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This Grid-It luggage accessory, is perfect for travelers of all kinds. The lightweight, synthetic, zippered case has many elastic bands that hold and organize you travel necessities. From electronics and cosmetics, to nippers and clippers, this travel accessory has a place for just about everything. Backpackers and trekkers will love keeping their often used items handy and close to the tops of their packs. If your giftee travels for work, keeping all of their electronics sorted, accessible, and handy, might make this the best gift off them all. This amazing travel organizer can be found online for around $23 USD.

My gift to the Readers

As an early christmas to you guys I have managed to arrange 3 months free access to the Ipad exclusive Abroad Travel Magazine. You can redeem this months magazine for free, along with the following two months, using the coupon code vip. To install the magazine app and use the code, you can follow these simple instructions. Have fun reading this months inspirational issue and keep an eye out for my featured article.

Merry Christmas from Travel on Inspiration!



  1. Falco

    The external battery charger is a good idea, but I would suggest a different one. Many cylinder like powerbanks I’ve tried all kind of suck or contain too little power. I recommend powerbanks of Xiaomi. They are (still) relatively cheap as it is a upcoming brand, while still packing a lot of power based on many tests on the internet. The flattest one of 5000 Mah (of about 14-16 USD, ordered from China) would probably be best suited for a backpacker.

    In addition, packing aids like packing cubes might be a good choice to give as a gift too, and/or portable water purifier for hikers, or good quality locks. And the scrubba wash bag is quite cool, I didn’t know that existed.

    Meanwhile I can’t imagine why anyone would use a grid-IT organizer, since most people will probably put these small items in the small pockets of room left in the bag to make maximum use of space.

  2. Rachel

    Scratch off maps are awesome! I’ve got one, but a lot of it remains more unscratched than I would like it to be. Also loving the scrubba wash bag, amazing idea 🙂

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