Center Parcs Woodland Lodge Tour

For my recent visit to the Elveden Forest Center Parcs we chose to stay in a Woodland Lodge villa, which is towards the lower end of the accommodation scale. Although it may be one of the cheaper lodging options I was pleasantly surprised by the modern and stylish interior throughout the spacious 3 bedroom apartment.

The Woodland Lodge only comes with the basic amenities such as an equipped kitchen, TV nd patio furniture, however some of the extras such as a hot tub or sauna, that you get with the more expensive accommodations are certainly more of a luxury than a necessity.

The only thing I really missed from a Woodland Lodge would be a Wi-Fi connection, especially at night when the things to do within the park itself is limited. However finding a Wi-Fi connection during the day was as simple as located the nearest Starbucks, which there are many of located throughout the park.