8 Tech Tools You Need for Your Destination Honeymoon

A 2011 survey from The Knot found that nearly half of couples take time to Facebook from their honeymoon and that nine percent of couples use an app to plan their destination honeymoon. Wherever you go for your big celebration, you’ll definitely want tech tools to help you stay connected with friends and family back home. These eight tech toys will help you play harder during your celebrate your life-long commitment.

8 Tech Tools You Need for Your Destination Honeymoon

1. Destination Weddings and Honeymoon Guides:

This free app is a must if you’re planning a honeymoon in the Caribbean, Mexico, the Pacific and other exotic locales. Preview resorts, view photos and get expert tips to plan your perfect getaway.

2. TripIt app:

When you’re planning a multi-country honeymoon, keeping track of your itinerary can be challenging. Enter TripIt, a free iPhone app that takes your itinerary, enters information in your iPhone or iPad calendar, emails it to you and enables you to share trip information to Mom, Dad and anyone else back home. TripIt also shares your trip via social media, but you can turn this off in privacy settings.

3. Wi-Fi Finder:

A free app that even works offline, Wi-Fi Finder finds free and paid Wi-Fi hotspots around the globe (or at least in 144 countries). It’s perfect for those times when you need a Wi-Fi hotspot to check in on the folks back home. Search for hotspots, click on the nearest one to find out cost and location, and get connected.

4. Battery-boosting smartphone case:

A smartphone case that actually extends your phone’s battery life, the PowerSkin also absorbs shocks. Cover your smartphone with this and realize anywhere from a 4.5 to 8-hour increase in battery performance.

5. Satellite phone:

An international plan for your smartphone will only take you so far. When you’re lost in paradise, you may have no cell signal. Enter a satellite phone, or sat phone, which connects with global satellites and offers service in remote outposts. While this would be expensive to purchase for just one trip, you can find sat phone rental from Roadpost.com. Their plans come with free voicemail and phone rental accessories, plus a reliable satellite network.

6. All-in-one travel adapter:

Without an adapter suited to your honeymoon’s location, you will not be able to charge that smartphone, digital camera or other device. While you can purchase country-specific adapters, an all-in-one product makes a wise investment. Use it on your honeymoon and every time you travel.

7. Solar charger:

Charge your smartphone, iPad or e-reader with solar power thanks to Solio’s line of solar chargers. Not only can this take the place of a country-specific adaptor, but it can help you power a device when you’re traveling somewhere that’s short of electricity. So if you’re backpacking, trekking, boating or visiting somewhere off the grid on your honeymoon, you’ll definitely want one of these.

8. E-Reader:

Not only are e-readers great for whiling away long flights, they can help you two connect on your honeymoon. You two might read aloud while you enjoy the hot tub, read bedtime stories or simply use the e-reader to catch up on global news or plan your day using travel e-books.