My Trip to Rome – Day 3: The Vatican

You can read ‘Day 1 – Getting There‘ and ‘Day 2 – The Colosseum‘ by clicking the links. You can also check out the highlight video of my third and final day in Rome above.

Day 3 in Rome started out the same as day 2, grabbing a quick breakfast in the hotel and then making my way towards the Colosseum. This time however I carried on past the ancient arena and made my way to a monument just as old, the Patheon. The Patheon, like many of the Rome’s ancient relics, is inconspicuous. Walking around the city streets it seems to appear out of nowhere and then you find yourself thinking how the hell you missed it.

My Trip to Rome – Day 3 The Vatican

The pillars of the Pantheon are enormous and after walking through the huge Bronze doors you start to see the illumination provided by the domes oculus (circular hole in the centre of the dome) lighting the intricate statues and paintings housed within. The Pantheon is free to enter and therefore always likely to be very busy when you visit, but it is definitely a must see when in Rome.

From the Pantheon I carried on walking towards the Tiber River and across the Ponte Sant’Angelo bridge in front of the Castel Sant’Angelo. From here the road towards the Vatican City and St Peter’s Square reveals itself and you can see the majestic Basilica in the distance.

Before visiting the square however I had planned to visit the Vatican Museum and Sistine chapel. To reach the entrance to the Vatican Museum you have to walk to the right when looking toward the Basilica and on the outside of the city walls. Once you get close enough you will find everyone else walking the same way so just follow the crowd.

I mentioned previously how I had pre-booked my Vatican tickets online and I’m really glad that I did. The entrance queue to museum stretched down the road and round the corner, without pre-booking you could easily be waiting 2 hours or more on busy days. After entering the museum you have to go through a security search and metal detector just like at the airport, which is understandable nowadays with how crazy people can get over religion.

Cost for Vatican Museum tickets online = €20

After this you are free to explore the gardens and the different parts of the Museum, housing everything from the Renaissance paintings to Egyptian mummies. By this time I was getting pretty hungry and deciding to eat at a cafe within the Vatican itself. The food was great and at only around €10 was very reasonably priced.

Cost for lunch in the Vatican = €10

After lunch it was time to head for the main attraction, the Sistine Chapel. The Sistine Chapel is located within the Vatican Museum itself and you can find it by simply following the directions of the crowds. As expected this is what everyone really came to see and the wait to enter the chapel lasted about 30 minutes, in which time you walk past numerous stalls set up trying to sell some interesting Pope merchandise.

The Sistine Chapel itself was a little disappointing, the place is so full of people you can barely move and iconic image of Adam’s and God’s fingers nearly touching is a lot less significant than expected. Although you’re not allowed to take pictures I managed to grab a quick video, so be sure to check it out in the Day 3 video above.

After visiting the Sistine Chapel I left the Vatican Museum and made my way back towards St Peter’s Square. From here I stood in yet another queue for around 20 minutes and went through another security checkpoint in order to visit the Basilica. Once I learned you could climb all the way to the top for €5 (or €7 if you decide to take an elevator part of the way), there was no stopping me.

Basilica Ticket = €5

551 steps through stairways just wide enough to walk through and I finally made it to the top, a sweaty mess in skinny jeans. The view from the top of the dome is incredible and you can see the city stretch out for miles in all directions.

My Trip to Rome – Day 3: The Vatican

After walking all the way back down again I left the Basilica and the Vatican City, and made my way back through Rome in search of the Spanish Steps. Getting slightly lost, I found an area where there was a huge crowd gathered and realised I had stumbled upon the steps. The staircase is steep, and after the Basilica, was a struggle to climb.

After all the walking and all the stairs, by this point I was starving and with it being my last day in Rome, I decided to treat myself and went for Dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. I ordered a massive burger and beer to recharge my energy, as well as a very fattening dessert.

Cost for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe = €24

After dinner, I was through with walking and so jumped on the underground to get back to the hotel. The underground is really easy to use, you simply buy a ticket from one of the machines for €2 and you can travel to any stop you want. My flight home was the next day and to get back to the airport I once again took the Leonardo Express which cost €14.

Cost for underground ticket = €2

Cost for Leonardo Express ticket = €14

Total Cost for Day 3 = €75 or £64 or $101

So in total:

Day 1 cost = €438 or £369 or $591

Day 2 cost = €51.50 or £43 or $70

Day 3 cost = €75 or £64 or $101

Grand total = €564.5 or £476 or $762

So per person per day this = €188 or £159 or $254

Although this may seem expensive, this was far from a budget travel experience. If however you plan to visit Rome for a few days, stay in a reasonable hotel and visit all of the sights, it should provide you with a comparable price guide.

This concludes my short trip to Rome as decided by you guys. I hope enjoyed my write ups and the videos I shot. If you could please follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus that would be amazing and if you would also subscribe to my Youtube channel that would be incredible as I have some new travel videos coming soon.

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