The 6 Best Neighborhoods to Visit in Tel Aviv

Known for scores of diverse and historical landmarks, Tel Aviv provides umpteen opportunities to first time visitors and repeat visitors like no other city does. Be it the ancient city of Jaffa or the UNESCO recognized World Heritage site of White City, one can surely expect to gain lasting memories when visiting these timeless treasures.

Just to familiarize you with the Tel Aviv surroundings, here are a list of the top 6 neighborhoods to visit around the city.

The 6 Best Neighborhoods to Visit in Tel Aviv

1. The White City

Admired worldwide for its Bauhaus or International styled buildings, the city owes its architectural marvels to Jews from Germany and Austria. Named a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2003, the White City has many interesting locales, especially the streets of Rothschild Boulevard and Bialik Street that attract many tourists round the year.

2. Florentin

Probably one of the most off-beat destinations in Tel Aviv, Florentin reminds one about SoHo in New York. The place is much celebrated for its vibrant night life. Florentin is in the midst of abrupt change as ancient industrial buildings get replaced by lofty towers. Anyone searching for fun in Tel Aviv, here is a place to be where your needs can be taken care of properly.

3. Neve Tzedek

Located to the south of Tel Aviv, Neve Tzedek literally translates into ‘Oasis of Justice’. Shabazi Street, the main street in Neve Tzedek, can cast a spell that you are strolling along a French city suburb for its splendid cafes, restaurants, galleries and boutiques.  The beachside area lies in proximity to the western city side. For those wanting to explore the modern face of Israel, this is a must visit.

4. Jaffa

Jaffa is the historic old walled city of Israel. It is out of Jaffa that the modern city of Tel Aviv has grown. This ancient city is littered with relics of Jewish and Biblical history and the faithful come visiting year after year. Other than its historicity, visitors are treated to extravagant and lavish galleries, alleyways and fancy eating places. For all its social, cultural and historical importance, the place stands out from the rest.

5. Hacarmel Market

Those familiar with roadside markets in Asia, will find that Hacarmel Market has the best priced merchandise on offer for sale. In case you want to an extra mile to inhale the real aroma of this city, Hacarmel Market is just right for you. It is the city’s largest food and vegetable market where one tuck into some really delicious soups and delicacies. Some of the famous stops in the market are Bourekas Stand, Lechamim, Cheeses, and Asian Supermarket.

6. Park Hayarkon

One of the best places to be out with your family is Park Hayarkon, a green sanctuary in the midst of the city.  The park offers a wonderful option to enjoy a ‘green day’ and meet other families lazing out in the area. Other than that you can also enjoy boating, biking, sports and games, provisions for which are there in the sanctuary. The famous Yarkon River flows through the jungle region and is one of the prime attractions of the park. In case, you want something more exciting, you can adventure out to The Zafari, on the eastern side of this sanctuary.

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