The Essential Items Needed for Traveling

Although the items on this list may seem obvious to travelers with even the smallest amount of experience, you would be surprised how many people each year forget to take these essentials away with them. So be sure to add them to the top of your packing lists and double check you have each one before leaving on your journey.


When traveling internationally, having a passport is by far the most important thing you should bring. Your passport identifies you and your country of origin. Keeping this document safeguarded and on hand will be of supreme importance. It is acceptable identification around the globe. In order to get a passport, you should present the required documents to an accepted passport office. These documents are to prove your identity and country of origin. Depending on where you are applying for a passport, the processing time can vary from a few days to several weeks. You can also apply for expedited processing which will cut the time. Invariably, you will have to appear in person to apply.

The Essential Items Needed for Traveling


Travel visas are necessary when traveling to several countries. The visa allows entry but does in no way guarantee entry. There are several visa types, from student visas to work visas. Generally a visa is required for longer stays abroad but some countries require them just to visit. The document will be inspected at the point of entry for the given country to establish eligibility. You can use to check the visa requirements for the countries that you are planning on entering and also to understand the requirements needed to apply for one if needed.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is just as confusing as how worldwide electrical adapters work (electrical adapters are another must). They both sound and look simple but as always, it comes down to the details. First be sure that you need insurance. Some credit cards have benefits that cover certain losses and even other claims from buyer protection to emergency situation and theft. Check with your credit card company for details. Next be sure to take into consideration whether or not the benefits of the insurance will outweigh the cost of the policy. Ultimately, know the person who provided the policy, by name and company, review it with your agent and get written statements for anything you wish to claim. A note from a doctor, a note from a governmental official, document everything that you can in order to help yourself deal with the incident later.

Credit card/Money/Travelers Cheques

Making sure that you have enough funds to travel and cover your expenses is an obvious. But traveling with cash is something that you might want to avoid, especially in large sums. Credit cards can be helpful but be sure that you safeguard them and only use them in trusted establishments. Using your credit card in restaurants, hotels, and other reputable establishments is fairly safe. If you want even more protection, use travelers cheques. They can be cashed in many places around the world and can be replaced so long as you take not of the issuer’s policy on replacement and follow their easy to follow instructions. The issuers can often be contacted around the clock all year long.

An Open Mind to Different Cultures

Understanding the local customs and courtesies sounds complicated. In fact it can be, but there is no need to worry or study night and day. Knowing some helpful words and phrases in the language of the destination country can go a long way. Many people carry a travel dictionary, which may be convenient. Also knowing that in some countries they may bow, shake hands (the preferred hand varies) or hug. In some countries it may be considered impolite to make certain hand gestures, or to not make others. Knowing a few things about the country that you wish to visit can only help you in your travels.