5 Great Camping Locations in the UK

Camping can provide a great holiday experience without breaking the bank. Whether it’s with a group of mates, a partner or family, campsites throughout the UK can provide unforgettable experiences. Check out these five beautiful locations you should be considering for your next camping trip.

5 Great Camping Locations in the UK


Visit the land of beautiful hillsides, heather, lochs and glens and magical views. Visiting Scotland will be as rewarding as it is delightful and relaxing. Scotland’s access code, which you should review, allows for the public use of lands in a responsible and enjoyable way that will afford you a wonderful camping experience in the wild. A true adventure awaits those who brave the Scotland wilderness.


Stonehenge Caravan Park is the closest camping site to the historic site. It is open year round and offers several amenities for those campers who wish to camp in a little more luxury and a little less wild. From WIFI to campfires, camping pods and electricity, Stonehenge Caravan park offers you a great opportunity to camp in style.

The Lake District

The Lakes District, a favorite destination that offers inspiration to poets and boaters alike. Check out Hillcroft for camping in pods, so you can spare the tent-pitching and get more nods or play for more hours on the lake. The beauty of Lake Ullswater will surely make for an amazing camping experience that is suited for all ages of outdoor adventurers.


Sea, sand, beaches and surf. If that sounds like an amazing day of camping, Cornwall should be on the top of your list of campsites in the UK. The area offers more camping sites and tourist parks than you might imagine. If you fancy a walk on the River Winnick or a stroll on the beach, picnics or vacations, check out the Cornwall website to make reservations.


If you are an adventurous sort, then Snowdonia offers many a sport to those that are brave of heart. From abseiling to climbing and more, you might want to start with looking at Gwern Gôf Isaf Farm. If you are looking for a truly rugged camping experience, this is a destination that you will want to check into.

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