My Trip to Rome – Day 2: The Colosseum

You can read ‘Day 1 – Getting There’ of my trip to Rome right here. You can also check out the highlights of my second day in Rome in the Youtube video below. Once again I welcome any advice, criticism, or recommendations for my future videos. Just leave me a comment below. If you would also be so kind as to like the video, leave it a comment and subscribe to my Youtube channel that would be amazing and I would be happy to subscribe back if you also have a channel, thanks.

Day 2, my first full day in Rome, started with me waking up about 8:30am, checking the weather to see that the skies were clear and temperatures of around 25°C were predicted and so I put on some shorts and a T-shirt before hitting the breakfast buffet in the hotel. Breakfast was included within the price and although it was nothing special, semi-stale cornflakes, toast and cold meat, I made sure I got my fill. (You can see a tour of my hotel here on Youtube).

After breakfast I left the hotel, checked my map and started heading towards the Colosseum. About a 5 minute walk west of the hotel I stumbled across my first sight of amazing Roman architecture. Without realising I had came across the Archbasilica of St. John Lateran, the official cathedral of the Pope. This place was huge and level of detail that goes into every little corner of these places is mesmerising.

My Trip to Rome – Day 2: The Colosseum

After a brief walk around the cathedral I carried on towards the Colosseum and after around another 10 minutes walking through small side streets the ancient monument began to appear in the distance. Arriving at the Colosseum my first impressions were that it felt really out of place. Here in the middle of Rome, surrounded by heavy traffic and throngs of people lies this thousands of year old monument, where gladiators once fought to the death for the pleasure of Emperors. I’m not saying that the Colosseum wasn’t breath-taking, it really was, but I guess I was expecting its surroundings to reflect upon its grandeur more.

In a previous article I wrote about how you can book Colosseum tours and tickets online and I’m really glad I did. The line to purchase tickets at the site would have easily taken around 2 hours to get through and even purchasing tickets at the Palatine Hill or Forum entrances would have taken around 30 minutes each. So if you’re visiting Rome soon check out my previous article where I tell you all about how to purchase these tickets online.

Costs for Palatine Hill, Colosseum (with underground and 3rd level tour) and Forum tickets = €22.50

After walking straight up to the reservation booth and collecting my tickets, I had about an hour and a half to kill before my underground tour of the Colosseum started. So I decided to go and check out Palatine Hill first. The Palatine hill entrance is located about a 5 minute walk south of the Colosseum and it’s easy to spot. I really enjoyed Palatine hill, there was much less of a crowd and walking around the hills and decaying ancient monuments, away from the hustle of Rome, provided a nice break.

I made my way back to the Colosseum in time for my tour and the first section we got to visit was the sands of the arena. Standing down at ground level looking up the huge stone stadium and thousands of visitors, you can really get a feel for what it must have been like to stand in the arena during ancient times. We next visited the underground, were the slaves and animals used to be held, waiting to be unleashed through trap doors into the arena above. I was expecting to be able to walk around the entire underground of the Colosseum but you are restricted to only one small area and therefore I was a little disappointed. The final part of the tour takes you to the 3rd level and highest point of the Colosseum. From here you get unparalleled views down into the arena and the surrounding city.

My Trip to Rome – Day 2: The Colosseum

The tour, while a little disappointing in parts, for the small extra fee of only €9 over a standard ticket was well worth the cost. And I would recommend booking it if you want to experience every angle of the Colosseum.

From the Colosseum I walked to towards the Forum and found this place to be much like Palantine hill, although a little more crowded. After visiting the forum hunger was kicking in and I decided to visit a nearby Pizzeria and experience some more Italian cuisine.

Cost for Lunch/Dinner = €16

After my late lunch I continued walking north in the city and worked my way towards the renowned Trevi Fountain. The Trevi Fountain is truly a masterpiece and this was evident by the tightly pack people each trying to edge their way down to the water. I saw what I could of the fountain and then thought it was about time I experienced some of the gelato Rome is famous for. Being a huge fan of any food bad for you, I chose the largest cone available and three different flavours to fill it with. The gelato was of course amazing and very messy in the heat.

Cost for Gelato = €5

By this time it was around 5pm and I was shattered. Walking around the city and monuments had really taken its toll, and I was in for even more walking the next day. So I decided to start walking back to the hotel and grabbed a few snacks and drinks for the evening.

Cost for Snacks = €8

That was the end of my second day in Rome. To keep costs down during the day be sure to bring with you an empty drinks bottle. Rome has countless free drinking water fountains throughout the city and filling up each time you come across one sure beats spending €2 every time you want a drink of water.

Total Cost for Day 2 = €51.50 or £43 or $70

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