My Trip to Rome – Day 1: Getting There

I recently allowed the readers of this site to vote on where you would like me to spend my summer vacation. With my work and studies being so crazy busy at the moment I could only manage to be away for a couple of days and therefore narrowed down the choices to 5 of Europe’s amazing cities. (Living close to London makes them all perfect long weekend getaways) Out of Rome, Paris, Prague, Amsterdam and Budapest, you decided that Rome would be the winner.

And so the very next day after the poll closed I began researching flights and accommodation in Rome. After checking with a number of different travel sites I finally decided to book both my flights and accommodation together through Thomas Cook. My flight was with Easyjet and my hotel was the Domus Sessoriana.

Cost for return flights and 3 nights stay = £288

The Domus Sessoriana was unlike any other of the hotels I found on the site, being that it is located within a historic building that was once an annex to the Castrense Amphitheater, where gladiatorial shows and fights were held. It is also connected to a large chapel, in which a couple of weddings were held on the days I was staying. I want to write an in-depth review of the hotel soon but for now I will say that I was very pleased with the accommodation overall.

My flights were from Gatwick at around noon and so early on the Sunday I set off in the car towards Gatwick. I had earlier used their online car parking guide in order to determine the best price for parking and found that for £41 I was able to leave my car at their Long Stay South Terminal car park until very early Thursday morning.

Cost for Airport parking = £41

Once at the Airport I went through all the usual security procedures and then whilst waiting for my departure time decided to get some breakfast. As to be expected the prices in the airport are always inflated and therefore my American style breakfast cost me a whooping £13.

Cost for Airport Breakfast = £13

The flight went by smoothly and just over 2hours later I was at the Fiumicino Airport in Rome. From here I took the train, The Leonardo Express, to the Termini station in the centre of Rome, a journey that only takes around 25-30 minutes and you can buy the tickets at the station easily.

My Trip to Rome – Day 1: Getting There

Cost for Leonardo Express Ticket = €14 (£12)

After arriving at the Termini station it was going to be about a 30 minute to the hotel and I planned to drop off my backpack and then look for a place to eat. However after about 10 minutes into the walk the heavens opened and I decided to duck into a local restaurant and wait out the rain while stuffing my face with some Italian cuisine. I ordered the meatballs, a coke and some of the most amazing roast potatoes I had ever eaten.

Cost for first nights dinner in Italy = €18 (£15)

By the time I made it to the hotel I was shattered and decided to crash for the night as I knew with the Colosseum booked for the next day I was going to be walking a lot.

My Trip to Rome – Day 1: Getting There

Total Cost for Day 1 (Including previously paid for items such as flights, hotel and parking) = £369 or €438 or $591

Below you can see the video I made for my journey to and my first day in Rome. It is the first video made for Travel on Inspiration and really the first one I have ever spent a decent amount of time editing. I hope you like it and I also welcome any advice, criticism, or recommendations for my future videos. Just leave me a comment below.

If you would also be so kind as to like the video, leave it a comment and subscribe to my Youtube channel that would be amazing and I would be happy to subscribe back if you also have a channel, thanks.

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  3. Mags

    You’re so lucky to live where you do and amazing European destinations at your doorstep! I’m in a similar situation as you (conflicting day job and wanderlust), but in America we are rather limited as far as weekend getaways. Anyway, great job on the sight. I can’t wait to read about your transition into full-time traveler!

    1. Author
      J from Travel on Inspiration

      Hi Mags,

      The cheap no frills airlines have made Europe really accessible and I plan on taking advantage as much as I can. I know how hard working full time with a crushing wanderlust can be, but travel isn’t free, so keep at for now and travel when you can.

      Thanks for reading my site and taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it.

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