Visiting France – A Dream Destination

France is one of the most visited countries in the world. Known for its wide variety of tourist attractions, excellent cuisine and warm people, France is one among the top most preferred holiday destinations worldwide.

France is a big place and has many places of tourist delight. In order to visit every nook and cranny of France, it is important that you have a car to take you places. Hence hiring a car in France is the best way to ensure that you do not miss out on visiting any place. There are many websites that can assist you in finding cheap options for car hire.

Some of the must visit places during your holiday to France would include the following:-


One of the main places to visit in France is the city of Paris. The famous Louvre museum and the iconic Eiffel Tower are attractions that are famous world over. Paris attracts more than 45 million tourists in a year. It also has many other names like the City of Love, City of Lights etc. It is considered one of the most romantic places in the world


Another place for tourist delight is the city of Versailles. This city is home to one of the biggest palaces in the world which was created by King Louis XIV. This palace is called Chateau de Versailles. There are also many other relics you can see from the king’s reign. You can explore the lavish apartments where the King and Queen stayed. Also do not miss out on the Hall of Mirrors.

Rhone Valley

If you thought France was all about hustle and bustle, think again. There are different places in France that can also offer you peace and calm. The Rhone Valley is one such place. The cities of Vienne and Valence are a must visit in the Rhone valley. These cities host ruins of an old Roman temple, which is very famous. These cities also offer many shopping options to suit your needs and budget.


Initially this place was a quiet and sleepy fishing village. However, today it is a grand and glamorous city by the sea. It has been made famous by the annual Cannes Film Festival. This place is also characterized by Mediterranean weather and lovely beaches.


This place was initially the home to the world famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. Today Arles is a city that encompasses beauty. One of the city’s most famous tourist attractions is the remains of Roman architecture. It also includes a Roman Amphitheater. This space serves as a place for bull fights and other special events today.

When you are planning a trip to France, make sure to take note of the fact that you will want to move around the place a lot and often. This in turn will mean an increased dependency on local transport there. You have to accommodate the fact that you may or may not find local transport to suit your needs and schedule. This can turn out to be extremely frustrating. Hence, it is highly recommended that you book a rental car well in advance online. With a car at your beck and call, all you need to do is make a list of places you want to visit and set off exploring!