Strange Driving Laws Around the World

Road Trips can be an extraordinary way to see a country. You’re not restricted to time schedules like trains, buses and planes, and you have the freedom to go wherever your 4 wheels and adventurous spirit can take you. Simply pick up your friends, pack up your belongings and hit the road.

However when taking a road trip in another country, you should always check the local driving laws and regulations. While some of the laws may seem obvious such as driving on the left hand side of the road here in the UK or on the right in the USA. There are some far weirder and much lesser known laws that you may find yourself breaking when driving overseas.

Strange Driving Laws Around the World

I was recently asked by Travel Supermarket to contribute some of the bizarre laws I had come across whilst travelling abroad. A couple of these included being legally required to carry an unused self-test breathalyser in your vehicle in France and, if you wear glasses, requiring a spare pair of prescription lenses in your car when driving in Spain.

You can check out the full list with contributions from fellow travel bloggers over at the Travel Supermarket Blog. Also please leave any strange driving laws you have come across in the comments below and I will try to get them included onto the list.