GoEuro – A Potential Game Changer in European Travel

When trying to find the cheapest ways of travelling to my summer destination of Rome Italy, I used many of the typical flight price comparison websites such as Skyscanner and Kayak. However I wanted to share with you today a new European travel tool that I came across that has the potential to improve the way travellers plan their adventures.

Go Euro

This new and innovative travel tool by GoEuro helps travellers to decipher the fastest or cheapest ways of reaching their desired destination. You simply type in where you are travelling from, where you are travelling to, how many people/children will be travelling and if it’s a return trip or not, and it will produce a complete list of your available travel options so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Once you’ve entered your starting location and destination you are presented with many different ways of reaching your goal. Depending on where it is, you will be presented with options by train, bus, plane and car, and thanks to the very precise locations you can enter, the travel times and price are made considerably more accurate than some of the other websites and travel tools available.

GoEuro are able to offer such in depth travel routes by train, bus, plane and car because of their partnership with many different travel companies, which provides the benefit of showing your results with the real timetabled data from the companies themselves. Another advantage of this partnership enables them to show seat availability, which is important if you are travelling in a large group and would like to sit together.

Currently the tool works exceptionally well in both the UK and Germany, but is as it is still very much within its Beta stage they are working on introducing further travel routes throughout the rest of Europe. The tool still works for the other European countries but you will find that the search results are limited to options by either plane or car.

For an example I used the tool to discover the fastest and cheapest ways I could visit my next destination of Rome from my hometown of Colchester in the UK. The results only show options by car or plane with driving being the cheaper and flying being the quicker. Although this information is great I’m sure there would be some fascinating train and bus journeys that would also get me to my destination, and maybe for a cheaper price.

Another criticism of the tool would be that once you have found your desired method of transportation you are unable to book your tickets directly through the GoEuro site, instead you are directed to the vendor’s site. While this isn’t much of an issue, if you have selected a journey with bus, trains and flights included, you can find yourself having to visit 2 or 3 different sites in order to book all your required tickets.

In summary the new travel tool offered by GoEuro has the potential to become a game changer when it comes to researching and booking your travel routes within and between European countries. With a little more work to include more overland routes in more countries and by adding the ability to purchase all of your tickets in one go through their site, GoEuro could easily become the ‘Go To’ site when travellers research their European adventures.


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