How Legends are Made

“Legends aren’t born, they’re dropped”. What a great slogan to kick off Heineken’s newest installment of the Legends platform “Voyage”. For anyone not familiar with Heineken’s next installment I’ll give you a brief breakdown of Voyage. Heineken pick one person to go on the voyage of their lifetime to widely different and extreme locations such as Alaska and Cambodia. These people are given a different set of items to help them perform a certain job or task which will push them physically to the limit as well as using all their knowledge to try and get help from the locals. What follows is hilarious events that all end in the same message in every different dropped. If you’re waiting for me to tell you the message… I’m not going to. You’ll just have to watch the videos and see for yourself!

After watching the “Dropped” videos I can easily say I have many highlights but a few of my top ones have to be when Rikar is filmed saying he would like to go somewhere with warm weather and where do they decide to drop him? Alaska! Just the thought of him thinking he was going to be dropped somewhere warm and then realising where he was. This was hilarious but that’s one of the main elements of “Voyage”, for normal people from all over the world to overcome challenges and experience new things.

Another one of my highlights was when Clint said he likes to surround himself with positive people and when he takes his blindfold off who’s surrounding him? Only some of the most positive and happy people ever known to man. Clowns! This would have been funny enough but then he had to overcome a massive challenge of skydiving. However as I mentioned before “Voyage” is about overcoming fear, challenges and pushing your limits, and of course that one special message. Watch the videos and try and figure it out and then you can tell me!

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