What to do in the USA

A trip to the USA is a must a a must do thing at least once in a lifetime. The USA is a country which is so unique and with a lot of attractions that you may need months to see this amazing country. Before actual travelling you need to make a good plan of what you will be doing once you’re in the states.

What to do in the USA

There are lot of forums and websites which can help you plan the trip to the USA . Two of the leading forums which helps travellers are www.fodors.com and www.touristsboard.com. Your dream trip depends on what you are interested in and will be doing in the USA. For example if history is what you are looking for then New York city and Washington is a must visit because both of the cities have lots of museums. If beaches and nature are the things that makes you go crazy, then California and Florida should be on your list. If scenery and wild life is what amazes you,  then an Alaska Cruise must be taken.

Each US state is different, as is its food and cuisine. Some of the states have great sea food and some of them are more famous for their traditional foods http://www.touristsboard.com/united-states-of-america/386-favorite-foods-in-different-states.html . New York city is the hub when it comes to pizza and Maine is famous for its sea food. Boston is also famous for its fresh seafood and lobsters, and tourists must try these local fresh delicacies. There are a lots of fast food chain restaurants all over the country which are also worth giving a try.

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