Greetings from Parga, A Romantic Tourist Destination in Greece

Parga, a small tourist place on the Ionian Sea, in recent years has become an increasingly popular tourist destination. This is supported by the recently built highway that connects the Ionian coast with the Vardar valley, providing quick and easy access to numerous tourists who decide to come here by bus or a car.

Greetings from Parga, A Romantic Tourist Destination in Greece

Parga is located between Igoumenitsa and Preveza. It is situated in a mountainous surrounding that overlooks the picturesque bay with and rocks. The small harbor which extends into the beach of Parga is the center of the events in this Mediterranean village. Along the entire length of the beach there is a promenade filled with taverns, stores, bakeries, terraces… The combination of the Venetian harbor and the traditional Greek architecture with narrow winding streets, small squares and numerous small churches makes this place an extremely charming tourist destination. When you add the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle, the enjoyment is complete.

Beautiful Beaches

In the town of Parga there are two beaches located. Krioneri is the main beach of Parga composed of sand, situated in the center of the town. The other beach is called Piso Krioneri, composed of gravel and stones, situated within the walking distance from the main beach. On the north side of Parga there is a walking path that leads us to the long and sandy beach of Valtos. The beach is well organized and maintained with sun beds, umbrellas, showers, waters sports and numerous taverns. To reach Valtos you can use also use numerous boats that sail from Parga on a daily basis.

On the north side of Parga there is also the long and beautiful sandy beach of Lihnos. It is located about 4 km from the center of Parga and this beach is reachable via walking path which leads over the hill through the centuries old olive grove. The walk last about an hour. This beach is situated in a quiet and beautiful bay. It is surrounded with hotels and apartments, couple of taverns and a car camp. You can also reach this beach by boat that departs from the Parga harbor or with other means of transport because there is an asphalt road leading all the way to the beach. Beside these beaches there are also many beaches located in the surrounding are that can be reached by car or motorbike.

Interesting Tours

In addition to large number of beautiful beaches, Parga also offers many opportunities for an active and quality vacation. Across from Parga there are two islands located called Paxos and Antipaxos to which tourist agencies organize trips every day. Other Ionian Islands like Corfu, Lefkada, Zakynthos and Cephalonia are also possible to visit. For archeological sites to recommend is the trip to Necromanteion, the ancient shrines dedicated to Hades, the God of underworld. Also visiting the river of Acheron and the mythological river of Styx by which the souls of the dead were transported to the underworld, is something you should not avoid visiting. Beautiful nature, crystal clear water and plenty of sources of drinking water leave no one indifferent.

Walk Through the City

In the evening hours, after the whole day relaxing on some of the beautiful beaches or touring the mountains, Parga offers something for everyone. Greek taverns with traditional barbecue dishes like souvlaki, chicken, bacon and lamb also offers large selection of fresh fish and seafood. A serving for two with salad and a pint of wine costs around 35 Euros. You can also buy gyros at almost every step of your way. There are also Italian, oriental and international restaurants offering a wide range of food choices. After dinner, going to some of the numerous local bars overlooking the harbor is something you will definitely enjoy. For those that can spend all night outside, there are several great discos.

Distanced from the mass tourism, Parga manages to preserve charm and sensibility of a small Mediterranean place. We hope it will stay like this for a long time. Definitely a place you must visit. The only drawback is that it is too hilly in places especially in the area around fortress leading to the beach of Valtos.  You will have to do some walking up and down but of course a little exercise would not hurt anyone.

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