Sail Out Of Europe This Summer: Top Destinations

Cruises are an excellent way to indulge in beautiful surroundings while taking in some of the most spectacular sights the world has to offer. Whether you’re travelling with a partner or with a larger family, cruises give you quality time together with the chance to enjoy this traditional and luxurious mode of travel.

Once the summer rolls around, it’s time to have a good think about how you’d like to enjoy the weather. Cruises might sound extravagant, but all inclusive cruises can be effective ways to see unique and varied areas in a condensed space of time.

Sail Out Of Europe This Summer Top Destinations

For inspiration, here are some of the top destinations for cruises that let you sail out of Europe.


The Mediterranean has long been a cruise hotspot, attracting travellers from across Europe. These cruises allow passengers to witness the very best of the French Rivera, while taking in some locally grown wines if travelling past Toulon and Cannes.

Mediterranean cruises usually involve plenty of opportunities to swim within the warm seas, go snorkelling with the fish or take pictures of the charming natural wildlife.

These cruises also provide the opportunity to explore Italy’s romantic coastline, spying Livorno on its southern coast and drinking in the soft, rolling beaches of Ajaccio. Once the cruise goes past Rome and Naples, you have an excellent opportunity to sample the very best of Italian cuisine whilst taking in the historic Roman architecture that never ceases to amaze.


Crossing the Atlantic on a luxurious cruise is one of those life experiences that not many people get, but it’s an opportunity that should definitely be taken. Setting sail from Southampton, the nine day voyage recreates the classic journeys of so many early explorers who voyaged to discover the New World. Sip champagne as you watch the sun set over the deep blue Atlantic sea and think about all those who made the journey before you.

The ships are created with elegance and style kept firmly in mind. Usually featuring grand ballrooms and extravagant entertainers, these cruise ships ensure you’ll never be short of things to do while you’re on your journey.

As you begin to approach New York, you’ll see that famous lady emerging from the hazy horizon. The Statue of Liberty will greet you, as she has with so many who have arrived before, marking the perfect start to your American adventure.