Tips to Finance the Epic Trip of a Lifetime

Travelling is got to be one of life’s most rewarding experience…. but it can be quite expensive. Here are some tip which I hope will help you have enough money for an epic trip of a lifetime.

Book your flights early

The earlier you book your flights the cheaper the flights will be is the general rule of thumb. Airlines make an absolute fortune on people booking flights last minute, especially if the flight is considered to be long haul. Another tip is to not just buy off the local travel agency, shop online, there are plenty of flight comparison sites out there that will provide you a competitive price with decent times so you don’t have to necessarily be stranded in Guangzhou for 20 hours to meet your connecting flight to London

Research your destination early

It’s imperative that you have some sort of basic knowledge of your destination. Top tip would be to check on travel forums for the best tips. There’s nothing worse than ending up at a tourist restaurant with average food and pushy PR guys desperately trying to woo you in when there’s an amazing eatery that locals rave about all because you didn’t do enough research!

Apply for a personal loan

Money these days is getting cheaper. Interest rates in Australia have recently dropped and in the UK interest rates have been low for a number of years. This means if you borrow money you will get a cheaper rate. For example if you were to apply for any type of secured personal loans available these days, chances are you would be paying a cheaper rate if you borrowed a couple of months ago.

Sell some things that you own

Most of us have a whole lot of junk in our house. By having a garage sale you are not only getting rid of your clutter but you can make a couple of dollars in the process.

Put a bit away each month

Traveling costs money, but if you have the discipline, determination and goal mindset then you should put a bit away every month to build enough money for your epic trip. As the old age saying goes a penny saved is a penny earned. At the end of the day, every little helps doesn’t it??