Pack Your Bags – Travel Smart

Now these are the words every family is waiting to hear as soon as the holiday season begins or if you have that much awaited long weekend round the corner.

Pack Your Bags - Travel Smart

Though travelling brings that much awaited respite from the everyday monotonous activities or just that much required break from a crazy work life, it can be expensive to travel and be a bit of a dent on the family budget. It is better to be prepared and planned, look for good deals for stay or packages especially if you don’t have a specific time to holiday. If you are travelling with kids, it’s good to travel off-season, because you’ll skip the maddening crowds and you are sure to get a great deal too.

A good idea is to travel now, but pay for it tomorrow; so compare credit cards to find the best one that gives you the most benefits with the least interest rate and the facility of spend TODAY but pay over the next few months. Make sure you study the privileges that come with the cards too; some cards also give benefit while traveling abroad and very good currency conversion rates too.

Travelling smart is all about planning- use the points from your reward credit card to pay for flights. So if your card entitles you to any privileges in transit or at the hotel, make sure you avail them.

Plan the holiday with a budget in mind and stick to it; yes you can pay later but that doesn’t mean you go over board and spend your son’s college funds. Travelling in a group or with family can be tricky; there are last moment additions to expenses but stick to a budget as far as possible. And always look out for deals but don’t forget to check on the details; some deals are a trap where you end up paying much more eventually.

While travelling with kids, be sure to check on facilities that the hotel offers and what activities they have for your little ones. Don’t pack too much into your daily itinerary with kids, they need their rest. Also avoid fancy places and check beforehand if kids are allowed.

Make sure while travelling with family to travel light, no you cannot bring the house along! And yes the blue bunny can come but the red train set is a no-no. Travel light – take only what is really required; put aside what you want to take in advance and cut back on things when you pack. If you aren’t going to a remote destination you are bound to find something you forgot back home – easily at a corner shop. So don’t panic – travel smart.

If you are travelling abroad make sure you are aware of some basic customs or norms followed in that country. And a handy book on the country and the spoken language is a good idea too. Also check on the food available specially if you or your family has any specific dietary needs.

Travelling is a great stress buster, but if you don’t preplan your travel the frustrations and situations that arise sap out all the fun. So next time you want to go a holiday just travel smart.

Bon Voyage!